A little treat

A brand I had never heard before : Mandara Spa

For the last couple of weeks I have been using the above products regularly. The hand cream I use once a day and the foot cream every couple of days (when I remember, I am really bad with things like this!)

The hand butter contains shea and coconut, two of my favourite things for a hand/body product! Its a great size tube as you get lots in there, but it is also not too big if you wanted to carry it about in your handbag.

I love the scent and it sinks into your hands really quick and doesn’t leave them greasy or anything. The same applies for the foot balm. Nothing is worse than putting something on your skin and being all greasy and messy!

The foot balm is citrus ad coconut, its great to put on before bed with a pair of cotton socks on, to really help your feet become soft overnight.

I do also have some body lotion and body wash I will be trying 🙂


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