Trying out some more fragrances

I have a few more fragrances I want to share with you that I picked up samples of on a recent trip to House of Fraser

Terryfic Oud – This is a very popular fragrance in store and is made from Oud. Oud comes from black insides of tree and has a very unique scent. I honestly cant describe it and I am undecided if I like it!

Narciso – this whole range is based upon a musk scent. I really liked this one and personally I think men and women could both get away with wearing this. It has a very fresh scent.

Versace eros – this smells very fruity and flowery but you can also really smell the musk and sandalwood. This is definitely a summer scent.

Prada candy – To me, this smells like a mixture of caramel vodka and a sweet shop, no wonder it is called candy! This immediately has become my favourite!

Prada Iris – This is very fresh and light and reminds me of the smell of clean sheets straight out the wash. It is a familiar smell and very summery. 

Sarah x

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