Trying out a new hair brand

So I decided to change my hair AGAIN. After having it purple for my wedding I really wanted to go for the blue/mermaid look. I hadn’t tried this hair dye before so wanted to see how long it lasted (I was getting fed up of having to re dye my hair every week to keep it vibrant!)

I used the turquoise all over, mixed in with the “mixer” so it wasn’t too bright and then went on to add purple to the roots to create a deep blue ocean like colour.

The end result : 

I am so happy with this. One of my favourite hair colour combinations to date! I have washed my hair 3/4 times since dying it like this and it has hardly faded (yay!). 

Time to decide what to do next with my hair… They have a great range of colours 🙂

Sarah x

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