Trying some new make up

I recently discovered Make-Up Atelier Paris and what a great discovery!

I haven’t got round to trying all of this yet but here are my thought on what I have tried so far:

Blush creme petale irise

Foundation FLW1B

Lip gloss RW03 rouge franc

The foundation was the perfect shade, it was easy to apply and provided a good amount of coverage without looking cakey. The foundation lasted all day, even on my oily areas.

The lip gloss was a matte shade, I tried it a few times to really test its staying power and it is great. It lasts through a meal and isn’t sticky or anything. If you want to wear it all day I would advise re applying mid afternoon 🙂

The blush was easy to use and you didn’t require much to get a nice colour. It looked very natural and I will be using it a lot more 🙂

Sarah x

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