Repairing split ends

I have been using this amazing hair masque from Salon Science. I do have a few of their products to try but with hair products I feel like you need to really just try a new thing one at a time to really see how it performs and how it changes your hair. If you replaced all of your hair products at once you wouldn’t be able to tell which one was affecting you!

This mask is from the AquaCacteen Organic Cactus range and the RRP is £17. For me, if a product really works then I don’t mind paying a higher price than I usually would for a hair product.

When I first tried the mask I noticed how shiny it left my hair. As I bleach my roots, my scalp is often red and irritated so this is a great mask to use on your scalp as it is great for your head and your hair. It really helped calm my scalp and left my hair looking fab 🙂

Sarah x

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