Vichy normaderm cleansing gel

As with most of the new products I have tried recently, I saw this one advertised on Twitter ( I feel the Internet is a great place to discover new products and to read about what works for everyone else. I decided to try it out once a day for a week before writing this as I think with any new product you try you really need to give it a good chance to test out its full capabilities.

The first time used this I noticed how fresh my face felt after. I am always wary when trying new things on my face but as this is suitable for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic I didn’t think twice 🙂 

It foams nicely and smells fresh and almost fruity. I know I mentioned before that I always use the Garnier face wash in the morning but I am going to use this as well as they are both lovely and it’s nice to break a habit and not always use the same things everyday! 

I would definitely recommend this for anyone that suffers from breakouts and has delicate skin!

Sarah x


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