Trying out some new brows

I have recently upped my game with my eyebrows. I was sick of drawing them on and them never looking even but then I came across this great set from Ruby Cosmetics which contains an eyebrow powder, an easy to use brush and 3 stencils so you can make sure your brows are both even!

The set comes with instructions but is pretty simple to get the hang off, you simple pick a stencil (Thick, thin or natural) and you use this to help create the desired look. I find using these makes a big difference as now I can make sure my brows are neat and tidy, especially at the ends.

The set comes in different shades, for me, no matter what my hair colour is I always go for a dark brown but if you want something lighter or darker then they have the appropriate shade. The set itself is £34.99 but I honestly think it is worth the money. The colour itself will last you ages as you only need a small amount and you can create lots of different looks with the different stencils. 

As the powder is semi permanent it literally wont budge until you take it off with eye make up remover. This will be great to take on holiday to keep my brows on top form whilst sunbathing!

Sarah x

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