So after two weeks of slim fast

I have managed to loose 5lbs. I maybe wasn’t as strict as I should have been but that is just due to the fact I am very fussy with my foods. As lovely as the recipes sound for the times you can eat a meal, I just couldn’t stick to them.

I was extremely surprised how tasty the slim fast products are. I expected them to taste a bit weird as they aren’t what I would call normal food, diet foods always taste odd. With the slim fast range I would honestly say that I would eat most of the snacks if I wasn’t on a diet! My favourite had to be the chocolate crunch meal replacement bars or the cheese snacks.

The milkshakes just taste like regular milkshakes (which I love), and I am pretty sad I have come to the end of my two week challenge as I will miss the snacks!

I am now going to try and eat healthy and continue to appreciate my body and keep striving to look my best.

Sarah x 

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