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I finally got my hands on some fab looking hair extensions through etailPR, these came from an online shop called Not only do they have a massive range of extensions they also sell wigs, hair accessories, face and body care and nail varnishes, so definitely check them out!

I have recently dyed my hair as it was a brown and blonde mess but as it is now all brown its a lot easier to blend in extensions!

The image below was taken from

The extensions are as above, I particularly like the smaller pieces as these are great to fill in at the front! The extensions are made from 100% human hair, I think I bought my first set about 10 years ago and have probably bought around 3 or 4 sets since then as I changed my hair so much I would only wear them for a month or so then get bored. These extensions are so soft when you get them out of the packet and I think they are the best quality ones I have tried, Previously I have ordered some online and spent over £100 but these are far superior and they are a great price! I went for the 18″ (really long on me) and these retail at £59.99, the set I have can be found here. There is also a great video can watch to show you how to put them in.

The light brown shade was a great match as you can see in the pictures! I plan on keeping this colour for a while now and might even wear these for my wedding next year. The great thing with extensions is you can put them in your hair however you want (be sure to have enough hair over the top to hide the clips though!). For me as I have quite thick hair I like to make sure I put my extensions quite low down on my head rather than starting half way up as most people seem to. Everyone finds their own way of doing their hair so do whatever feels and looks right for you!

Really need a night out now to show off my new hair!

Sarah x


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