I have recently been changing my hair colour a lot, resulting in dry damaged ends. I have had my hair trimmed but I really don’t want to lose any length as I am trying to grow it so I have been trying lots of different products. I have been trying these two products from and wanted to quickly share my thoughts with you.

The product on the left is a leave in mask, after using this a few times I could really feel a difference. My hair wasn’t so knotty when brushing and it felt in a lot better condition where it is usually very tangled at the ends due to split ends. I have been using it twice a week now and I use it instead on conditioner and leave it in to work its magic! 

The product on the right is a serum, this can also be applied after shampooing and used instead of a conditioner. I haven’t used both products together, I have be using one or the other. They both work in a very similar way as they both help to improve your hair but it is all down to preference of you prefer a conditioner texture or a serum. 

Both products are great and I would recommend them to anyone with damaged hair! 

Sarah x

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