So I came across www.flo-accessories.com which sells travel beauty accessories and I have a few of their products I want to share with you:

First off is a perfume necklace. What is a perfume necklace? you may ask. Well, this handy invention allows you to spray these little foam pads with your favourite perfume and then place one inside the necklace so when you wear it you can smell fab without worrying about your perfume wearing off. Pretty good idea if you ask me!

My next product I have is the light up compact mirror. Every girl needs to carry around a mirror to re apply make up on the go but the amazing thing about this one is that it lights up. How many times have you been out and tried to re apply lipstick in your pocket mirror and realised its too dark you cant actually see what you are doing? Exactly. This now comes everywhere with me 🙂

Another perfume related product is the travel size atomiser. It is perfect to fill with your favourite perfume to pop into your bag or take away if you are travelling. No one wants to carry around a massive perfume bottle!

I think Flo have some really great products so check out their website!

Sarah x


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