ESPA tinted moisturiser

There are always days where I really cannot be bothered to put in a full face of make up. The days when you need to go to work or go out but you just don’t have time or energy to put all your usual make up on. A great alternative to foundation is a tinted moisturiser. For days when I have no massive visible spots I opt for one instead of layering on foundation.

Make up becomes a vicious circle. You cover up a spot with thick make up, this then causes more spots and more make up is applied and it never ends. Your skin needs a chance to breathe.

Tinted moisturisers are great to add that subtle colour and even out your skin tone but without caking something on. I find some foundations very flaky and drying but with a moisturiser you don’t have that problem as its good for your skin and keeps it hydrated.

I have been using this tinted moisturiser from ESPA on and off for the last few weeks and it is a great alternative to foundation. It is easy to apply and makes my skin look glowing. I use the shade nude and it is a great match to my skin, leaving me happy to face the world without caking on the foundation!

Sarah x

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