English Rose Cosmetics

My mum always tells me that you are never too young to start looking after your skin. The thought of getting old and wrinkly terrifies me! I am always on the look it for age defying products even though I am only 25 (and I look about 12) I want to stay looking young!

I have been using an they cream by www.english-rose-cosmetics.com as I ran out of my usual one and saw that this company is based near my old house. After checking out their website I was excited to try their eye cream.

The eye cream left my eyes feeling refreshed. I have been using it every night and I have noticed an improvement with the skin around my eyes, I used to get red patches in the outer corners but these are a lot less noticeable now and I look far more awake every morning!

I have also been trying a new product that will be released soon which is the mermaids cleansing water. I have been using this to take off my make up and it has been a great addition to my make up routine. I expected it to be oily as most liquid make up removers are but it honestly is as gentle as water. It is fast and effective to take off my make up and doesn’t leave any residue.

Sarah x


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