So apart from loving beauty products I really want to write more about fashion. I love how even just one item can change your entire look.

As well as being a massive handbag fan, I love jewellery and accessorizing!

I have been wearing these gorgeous rings all week and I think they are just beautiful. I have my engagement ring on my left hand but never seem to know what to with the right hand! Orelia offer a great range of rings and other jewellery online here.

Midi rings are becoming extremely trendy and are a great thing to wear in the day or evening. The set I have consists of 3 rings in different colours and they look great alone or all together.

I also have this stunning arrow ring which is great as it is adjustable. Even though the rings are just costume jewellery they are great quality and a lot nicer than the usual costume jewellery you buy in shops.

I recommend you visit their website and treat yourself!

Sarah x

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