Trying to tidy my room

In my room, there is always mess everywhere. I am always looking for storage boxes and containers to keep my things tidy. I was excited when this arrived in the post from The website is great and they offer such a fabulous range of products, from storage to houseware and gifts.


My favourite part is the fact I can store my most worn rings on the top. The organiser is great for jewellery, keys, make up etc, anything you want to keep tidy. It can be found here and the size is mentioned. It is small enough to have on the side without taking up too much room but at the same time it is big enough to be able to store a variety of products in.



As you can see it can be used all stacked parallel or they can easily be swivelled around for easy access to the compartments.


Its a wot also have other great storage solutions like this which can be used to store ties/ scarves etc. It is definitely worth having a look at their products!


Sarah x

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