Rodial make up

So this was my first time trying a Rodial product and I was very impressed! I was sent the eye pen and eye sculpt to try out and both were extremely easy to use.

As you can see below, the eye sculpt is a lovely smokey brown shade and the eye pen is in black. Black eyeliner is always a go to product and I love how easy this one glides on, it is almost a creamy texture. The eye sculpt can be used by itself as an eyeshadow or can be used to help define the eye along with other products.

The product was easy to apply as an eyeshadow, using the Rodial eye sculpt bush, the brush was very soft to use and applied the product evenly across the lid, I then used the remaining product to push up more towards my brow bone to create a more blended look. I will definitely be using these again and I have heard great things about their primer which I think I might have to buy!

Sarah x

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