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I am always wanting longer hair, constantly trying to grow it or find the perfect extensions. The problem is I am always changing my hair, it was ombre then I dyed it brown all over and now its fading at the ends back to ombre. My old extensions no longer match and I cant be dealing with having to dye them! I originally saw Hot Hair on twitter and was drawn towards the idea of a wig. I have never worn a wig before so was excited to try and review one.

This is my current hair length:

I opted for the Brianna 3/4 wig in shade buttered toast thank you can find here. It arrived in a box and honestly looked amazing, it was so long and the colour looked perfect. I apologise for the pictures, I had to take them in the mirror as I was so eager to try this but no one was home to help with the pictures!

First thing was first, I pulled a small amount of hair forward so I could use this to sweep back and conceal the wig. It was so easy to clip in and felt very secure. I had already watched this video on how to attached it but to be honest it was that easy I think anyone can figure it out 🙂

As you can see the wig is crazy long and it also has a slight ombre effect which is perfect! It retails at £69.99 which is worth it! It literally took me 2-3 mins to attach it and is a lot easier than extensions.

You can also see it from the back. The wig itself has a lovely wave to it and is great as it is thick and blends in well. I think this would be great for a night out or to go for a meal when you just want to feel that extra little bit more glamorous! What also helped is that you can get advice by emailing over a picture of your current hair if you aren’t too sure what shade to go for!

Sarah x

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