Amie hydrating daily moisturiser

Another great product to add to the list of things I love is the Amie hydrating daily moisturiser.

I have tried quite a few different moisturisers the past few months as my skin is so dry because of the time of year. I find it hard to just stick to one product as there is always something you see online or someone tells you about and you want to try. I have about 5 facial moisturisers on the go! It’s great though trying different products, some work better in the morning and some at night and I always like to have something nice to leave at my other halves for when I stay at the weekend.

This cream is fabulous to use morning or night, it really helped to hydrate my skin without being too greasy. Sometimes when you apply moisturisers they make your face feel very oily, but not this one. As it is meant to be used in the morning it is a very light formula and is a great moisturiser to put on before your applying your make up. I found that if I applied this every morning I didn’t need to moisturise every night which is what I was previously doing. This gets a thumbs up from me!

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Sarah x

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