Zuzka serum

As you have probably realised by now, I LOVE trying new products. I was very excited to be offered the opportunity to try this serum by Zuzka.

First off, the bottle is pink, so that is a great start! After taking off my make up before bed I then started to pat this serum onto my skin. 

I am always finding my face needs extra moisture this time of year. I applied a small amount all over my face and it left my skin feeling very fresh and hydrated, the product itself is very light to use. I hate the feeling when you apply thick serums and creams and you feel greasy and this was the total opposite. This product had such a lovely feel when applying and even though it felt like I hadn’t applied anything it made my face feel so soft and moisturised.

I find it is so nice after a stressful day to come home, take your make up off and apply something to freshen and moisture your face. This is one of my new favourite products and it makes you feel so relaxed and fresh after applying it. You can also apply your usual cream after this has soaked in, but for me I feel like this gives me enough moisture so I wouldn’t need to use a cream as well.

As well as face products Zuzka also offer a wide range of body products and make up. I am currently sat here lusting after the majority of their products! Please check them out here.

Sarah x

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