My new favourite mascara

I was lucky enough to be sent a mascara from my friend Heidi that she really wanted me to try. Heidi is a fab makeup artist and has started selling some great products. She was telling me about this new mascara she’s been using and it sounded so good I wanted to try it too!

For me, there is ALWAYS the want and need for longer looking lashes. This mascara has made mine look crazy! They honestly look longer and thicker than my lashes used to look when I had eyelash extensions.

The best thing about this mascara is it’s natural based and the fibres are 100% green tea fibres. It is suitable for contact lens wearers and doesn’t smudge on your glasses! It is simple and easy to use. It comes in a case which is great to keep the products together in your bathroom cabinet or in your make up bag.

You can see in the first picture I have no eye make up on, in the second I have normal mascara on that I wear daily and in the third picture I am wearing this amazing mascara from Younique.

It is applied as a two step process where you use the transplanting gel and the natural fibres. The gel attaches the fibres to your lashes to give them an amazing false lash effect look! It is great as you build it up with each coat, so if you require more on the outer corners then it is easy to achieve.

You can buy it online here for £23 and it is really worth it! 

Sarah x

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