I was very intrigued to try this foot product. It is the theroputic foot treatment* from a company called Gelicity. In the box there are three treatments.

Each treatment consists of two sachets The first is the one that turns the water into a green gel and the second that then turns the gel back to water.

I began by filling a container big enough to fit my feet in with water. I decided to sit on the side of my bath whilst soaking my feet as didn’t want to move the container and risk spilling it as I am a very messy and clumsy person!

Once the first sachet was in it felt really strange as it turned into gel. After the initial feeling it became very relaxing and smelt minty.

After ten – fifteen minutes I decided to turn the gel back to water with the white sachet and get out and dry my feet. The below picture was taken during my relaxing foot treatment and as you can see it really does turn to gel!

After drying my feet then felt so soft! I don’t often suffer from dry skin on my feet but the odd patch I had seemed to have softened up 🙂 I have two treatments left and will definitely use this product again.

You can buy the product online from

Sarah x

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