Colorsport Smokey Eyes & Perfect Brows Kit

Colorsport products have been around for a while, I used to use their eyelash dye when I was a lot younger but I never really had a chance to try any of their other products. I was very excited when this kit* arrived at my house 🙂

I am trying really hard to grow my brows back as I plucked them way too much when I was younger and with my wedding in six months I want to look my best! I couldn’t wait to try this product.

The set itself is so cute. It includes three powders, a mirror, tweezers, an angled brush and a blending brush. It is perfect to carry around in your bag or to have in your bathroom cabinet. My eyebrows are all over the place. I haven’t plucked them in months as I am trying to grow them so it is hard to shape them and make them look nice without having to pluck at them. Using these products was so simply and easy and I managed to make my eyebrows look very bold and It worked well with the brows I currently have without having to reshape them with tweezers.

You can see my results below:

My look was created by using a mixture of the two darkest shades. Some days I fancy natural brows and other days I go for a bold look, so with this kit you can mix the colours and easily achieve whatever look you are going for. I will definitely be buying some of their other products to try!

Sarah x


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