BD Trade Secrets

BD Trade Secrets is a brand sold exclusively at Tesco throughout the UK. It was originally created in the late 90’s but is now back with a look, new formulas, new products and new shades.

I have a variety of BD Trade Secrets products I have been trying out, so I thought the best way to show you was to only use these on my face and not use any other brand at the same time.

Products used:
Mattifying base foundation in Ivory 1
Brow definer pencil in Brunnette
Va Va Boom volumising mascara in Boom Black
Velvet powder cheek colour in Fresh
Velvet cream lipstick in Designer

First off, the foundation was a perfect match, it was easy to apply with a brush and worked great even without a primer. I LOVE the brow pencil, it is quite a dark brown, I usually find some browns that have almost a red undertone sometimes look too fake but this one is brown, almost black with no harsh undertone and very easy to use. I believe that this pencil is great to create a natural look. The mascara is applied with a cylindrical brush, you can see the brush in detail on the link above. It was great to use and I really felt that it managed to cover all of my lashes, even the smaller ones in the corners.

I feel that the lipstick and the blusher really complimented each other and worked well together. The lipstick looked very natural and made my lips look healthy. The blusher was easy to use and added a lovely hint of colour to my face. The whole look is very soft and great for everyday wear.

Sarah x

*PR samples


  1. 15/01/2015 / 17:12

    These look so pretty on you!

    Kay, x

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