Flint + Flint

I have recently been trying a new exfoliator* and serum* from www.flintplusflint.com

The packaging is beautiful, each product in the range is a different colour. I tried the exfoliator after cleansing my face and it was a very fine exfoliator but you could really feel it working, it left my face feeling smooth as I dried it. After using this I tried the serum and it smells lush, after applying this to my face it soaked in and left my face so smooth.

After using the exfoliator three times this week I could really see a difference, I haven’t had any major breakouts and I feel like I have banished all of the old dead skin that is on the surface.

I have been using the serum every other night and my face feels amazing, it is so soft and I find my make up is a lot easier to apply as my face is almost flawless.

What a great range, I may have to try some of their other products!

Sarah x

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