Blogger Xmas Party

On Saturday I attended a blogger event which was organised by the lovely Nadine. The venue was great, had a lovely atmosphere and a lot of people came along. It was great to put a name to face as I had been speaking to Nadine online for a few weeks. It was also fab to meet new people and see another blogger I had previously met at an event.

As you first walked in all you could see where the goodie bags! There was a table set up with cakes and later on we were all treated to pizza. Nadine did a great job organising this.

There was a display by the guys from Frame Again who showed us their product and I even made one at the event to bring home 🙂

After showing this to my other half he now wants to order some more for when we move, so we have a nice display of photos in our living room. They are great as they can be placed next to each other rather than having 4-5 mismatched photo frames on the side!

I was amazed by the quality of the photos as you can just send them one over the internet and have it delivered in a frame to your house. There is a massive range of colours but as we aren’t sure what colour we are going to have in our living room get I chose black and white! 

I had a quick look in the goodie bag on the way home but it wasn’t until I got home that I had a proper look. I know Nadine worked so hard on these and I had tried to help her get in touch with a few brands. It’s hard to get companies to send over free items for 30+ people but I think Nadine did a great job and one of my fave products at the moment was included! (thanks Dreamdots<3)

I can imagine it takes a lot of planning to organise an event and I know everyone had a great time, so thanks again to Nadine and to all of the companies involved!

Sarah x


  1. 03/12/2014 / 19:17

    Thank you Sarah for posting this! Filling the goody bags was especially hard and wouldn't have been possible without your help. All brands were busy with Christmas and one thing I know for sure if to have more time organising the next event.

    Nadine German Girl in London

  2. 01/01/2015 / 04:04

    My favorite thing among summer party ideas was the cucumber water. Most cucumber water tastes like water with the tiniest morsel of cucumber taste, but not this water.

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