Aloe Vera products

I am a massive aloe fan and I have been using aloe based gels and creams for years. I suffer with dry skin and during the warmer months I always end up with heat rashes! Whenever I go on holiday I always pack my aloe. Often aloe products don’t smell the nicest but I have come across a range that doesn’t have that awful smell!

I was lucky enough to be sent the above to try but I have only used the lotion as I don’t need all of them open at once. I will be saving the others to use next summer and on my honeymoon!

The lotion sinks in quickly and isn’t greasy or sticky. It’s a great product for dry skin, rashes, to use after shaving etc. The great thing about this range is the products are 100% organic and are paraben free! You can’t go wrong with natural skincare products 🙂

These products can be purchased online from and other online pharmacies.

Sarah x

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