I have recently been using the Kerastraight ultimate oil* and the heat protection spray*. In 2013 I dyed my hair about 4-5 colours over the space of the year and it was well and truly ruined! I had to have about 6 inches cut off earlier this year (my fault for dying it so often and dying it myself!) so I try my best not to straighten/curl my hair  as I am so worried about damaging it. I came across Kerastraight and I have been using both products now for about 10 days.

The oil smells amazing. I put it on after I towel dry my hair and if I leave my hair to dry naturally it dries quicker and it eliminates the frizz, if I dry it with a hairdryer it feels so much nicer and softer to manage and I can dry my hair a lot straighter than usual.

The protection spray smells divine. It is important to use this when blow drying and styling your hair with straighteners or curling irons. Over usage of these can really damage your hair so this product is great.

Before using Kerastraight I hadn’t used much heat on my hair for the past 6 months but I braved it and gave it ago and I wont be looking back. I can now style my hair, making sure it’s well protected and also making it look sleek and frizz free! A big thumbs up!

Me being an idiot I didn’t take a decent photo of my hair to show you but I have found a couple from the weekend where I have dried my hair after using Kerastraight products and I haven’t needed to straighten it as the frizz is no more!

As you can see in the bottom photos, my natural hair is a frizzy mess, but since using these new products it has really helped to tame the frizz and has made my hair look a lot healthier.

Kerastraight can be purchased on one of my fave websites

If anyone has tried any other products in the range I would love to know how you got on 🙂

Sarah x

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