I previously mentioned I had gone dairy free due to a slight intolerance and I wanted to see how it would effect me. I got on so well that I decided I wanted to give up meat too, I also gave up eggs and essentially became vegan.

I have been eating vegan for a couple of weeks now and even though it was a struggle at first, I am really glad I have made this decision.

I’m not going to go into the ins and outs about why I think this is healthy and what my research has told me. I will not preach my views about animals and the dairy industry on to anyone but I will be sharing a lot more food ideas with you.

Growing up I lived on chicken nuggets, chips and pizza. I was so fussy! My whole family have been worried about what will I eat if I am eating a vegan diet, but actually, this has inspired me to try new foods and has forced me in a way to eat more fruit and veg.

I feel healthy and I feel happier than I have in a long time. Everyone’s body reacts differently to certain foods and I knew dairy wasn’t good for mine.

I have invested in a couple of cooking books and have a new found love for hummus.

I will still be sharing non vegan food on here for example in my gift guides as no one else in my family is vegan and I don’t want to restrict my reviews.

I am not declaring myself as completely vegan and cruelty free as for now I am just sticking to the vegan way of eating but as I use up old toiletries and things I will be trying to replace them with more cruelty free brands.

If any of you are vegetarian or vegan please share your favourite meals with me as I need veginspo!

Have any of you made a big diet change?

Sarah x

As you will know, I recently made the decision to go dairy free. The biggest struggle for me was giving up chocolate and finding alternatives.

A lot of supermarkets offer their own dairy free alternatives to chocolate but it doesn’t taste quite like the real thing. I am not a massive fan of just plain dark chocolate, so I wanted to find different flavours/options.

The best dairy free chocolate I have found so far is from www.moofreechocolates.com and I love how many varieties they offer. You can buy them online or in certain supermarkets and health food shops. You can find their whole range here and also search for local stockists.

The bars I have tried so far are:

Bunnycomb bar – “A snack sized, dairy free rice milk chocolate bar topped with vegan friendly, honeycomb pieces.”

Lily-Lu’s minty moo – “A snack sized, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate bar with mint.”

Cheeky orange – “A snack sized, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate bar with orange.”

Original organic bar – “A snack sized, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate bar made with our delicious, multi-award winning dairy free chocolate.”

The mini moos bars are a good size as a treat and I love the packaging with the cute little animal cartoons on the front!

My favourite has to be the orange one as I miss chocolate orange so much and this one is so yummy, you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t “real” chocolate! I like how they are all milk chocolate as often if you for something mint flavoured it is with dark chocolate.

If any of you are dairy free/vegan please let me know your go to chocolate 🙂

Sarah x