Khadi create 100% plant based vegan hair products. They only contain ingredients good for your hair and won’t use any harsh chemicals. This is ideal for me as I have pretty much ruined my hair over the years with bleach so I have been trying to use more natural and gentle hair products. Not only are they better for your hair but if you have un-naturally dyed hair like me then natural products will prolong your colour.

I have been using the amla volume and gloss shampoo which is suitable for all hair types and also the vitalising hair oil which provides volume, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

“Amla Shampoo contains the correct combination of Ayurevdic herbs to create volume and gloss. Amla shampoo with it’s low ph, cleanses and conditions your hair giving it elasticity, helping to prevent moisture loss and at the same time giving your hair shine, body and volume.

The fragrance of Ylang Ylang in Khadi Amla Shampoo not only adds to the aroma but helps stimulate hair growth.

Amla – Rejuvenates scalp and hair, stimulates hair growth and naturally conditions hair.

Tulsi – purifies scalp and helps prevent hair and scalp from getting oily and hair getting limp. promotes hair growth.”

“Khadi Vitalising hair Oil is a hair oil to help stimulate hair growth using herbs, flowers and oils from India from an Ayurvedic formula. Vitalising Hair Oil is a pre-wash conditioning treatment and as well as stimulating hair growth the hair oil helps prevent hair loss whilst giving volume and revitalises dry, dull and damaged hair.

Palash, Indrayan and Rosemary helps stimulate hair growth and strengthen roots.

Omega rich Sesame, Coconut and Carrot Seed Oil along with Vitamin E helps prevent hair breakage.”

As you can see,both products are great if you are looking for hair growth. My hair always struggles as it breaks off before it has a chance to grow due to being so damaged. I have tried a lot of things to try to get it back into better condition and to help it grow longer and healthier.

I really liked the shampoo as you don’t need to use much and I noticed it didn’t fade my hair colour as much as my usual shampoo which was a colour safe one!

Here she goes again, banging on about vegan snacks haha. I actually think I am on some sort of quest to try every new vegan snack I come across! sell a great range of protein bars, snacks and powders depending on your preference. It is a worry when eating a vegan diet that you are not consuming enough protein that you used to get from meat but in fact if you eat a balanced diet you can easily get the correct amount but there are a lot of protein based products to help you, especially if you work out.

I have used powders before but something that caught my eye was the snack bites. Sometimes i don’t always want a whole protein bar but I want something small to have. I got the Chocolate brownie protein snack bites. they do a lot of other flavours too.

“Just like an ordinary snack that you are accustomed to eating, such as a chocolate biscuit or a packet of crisps, a protein snack is a small item of food that you may eat between meals. However, the benefits of a protein filled snack are so much better than a biscuit or cake. Protein helps you to feel fuller for much longer than a carb-based snack alone. Plus our vegan snack bites, cubes and flapjacks contain fibre so you won’t feel hunger until your next meal. Not only that they contain all-natural ingredients, and natural sugars from fruit to provide all the energy you’ll need to get you through the day.” –

Do any of you have protein based snacks?

Sarah x

I received a box of the new Joy Fuel vegan range to try last week and I am hooked. They are really tasty! They are vegan and cold pressed gluten free protein squares. You can buy them online and they are made fresh and posted out to you. They have a three week shelf life as they are made from such fresh ingredients but that wasn’t a problem for me as they were gone within one week!

You can buy several different box options here and you can also subscribe if you want them regularly. You can save money if you choose this option too 🙂

The flavours are:

Blueberry maple pecan

Raspberry almond butter

Orange hazel maca

Lemon coconut

Peanut butter choc

Apricot ginger

Very berry

Triple choc cashew

So, pretty safe to say they have a wide variety!

My favourite has to be peanut butter choc as I love peanut butter ridiculous amounts. I never would have thought about having lemon and coconut together but it works so well. It is great they are all gluten free too as there are a lot of people with an intolerance and a lot of vegan products have it in.

I think since eating a vegan diet, it really has opened up my eyes to how many good for you snacks there are out there and I have been trying things I never would have before and I am really enjoying my food journey and trying all of these new vegan snacks and sharing my thoughts with you.

Sarah x

Continuing on my search for more vegan snacks to try, I came across this great range from Eat Real. They offer quinoa, hummus, lentil and veggie snacks.

Within each range they have a great variety of flavours. One of my favourites are the chilli and lemon flavour. I also love the veggie ones where they are tomato, spinach and kale.

They are all made from real, natural ingredients with no added artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. They definitely are a way better option than standard crisps.

The bags are quite big so are ideal for sharing or you can eat them over a few days. I like to have something like this in my drawer at work that I can snack on in the afternoon and share around.

I am so impressed by the variety and hope good they all taste. You can buy them in a variety of supermarkets and health stores across the UK, so if you ever see them it is worth trying a bag 🙂

Sarah x

When I decided to eat a vegan diet, the biggest thing I was worried about was what snacks would I have?! I could cope with what I would have for my meals and as I adjusted I have a lot of meat replacements but the most difficult transition was snacks. I didn’t want to just eat fruit, I wanted to try different crisps or biscuits and things.

Hawkers very kindly sent me a few bags of their soya and potato snacks to try. They come in a great range of flavours: cheese and onion, sweet chilli, salt and vinegar, smokey barbecue.

They are all gluten free as well which is great as I know a lot of people that suffer with gluten allergies. They are all less than 100 calories per pack too so make a great snack for between meals. I find I always get hungry about 3pm at work and want something that will keep me going until dinner time so these are ideal to keep in my draw at work.

My favourite was the sweet chilli flavour. They are all quite tasty but this one had to be my top choice. I quite like the texture of them too. They are far more exciting than a bag of crisps and better for you 🙂

Do you have a go to afternoon snack?

Sarah xx