I love subscription boxes, for beauty products or for food. The best ones are where you don’t have to commit to 12 months and where you know you are going to get things that you will love.

The Vegan Kind already offer a food/lifestyle box but now they have recently introduced a beauty box.

In the last few months you will know I have adapted to a vegan diet and I am also trying to introduce more vegan/cruelty free make up and beauty products into my life. A box like this was ideal for me to try.

The beauty box is a mix of skincare, cosmetics and beauty products delivered every two months and it is from £12.75 per box plus £3.15 UK p&p. If you join their newsletter you can get £5 off this (a pop up box will appear on their website offering you this!)

The August box contained:

Miss Patisserie Watermelon Bath Slab (RRP £5.50)

Sukin Paw Paw Ointment 25ml (RRP £6.99)

Harpers Candles Sweet Pea Soy Wax Candle (RRP £5.00)

Rawganic The Pure Hydrating 3-in-1 Facial Wipe (RRP £3.00)

GlitterEyes Goddess Glow ‘GlowUp’ Highlighter (RRP £7.99)

BONUS ITEM: Utan and Tone Tan Gummies (RRP £18.00)

My favourite product in this box has to be the bath slab as I love bath products (massive Lush fan!). I love the colours of it and you don’t need much to create an amazing bath. It fizzes like a bath bomb and creates magical unicorn mermaid water 😉 Plus it smells delicious.

I haven’t burnt the candle yet but I took the lid off and had it next to the bed as it smells so good!

I have used a paw paw before, I like to use this kind of thing on my lips as well as a multi purpose balm to use on my hair and nails when on the go.It is great to tame fly aways and also good to use on your hands/cuticles.

The pressed pigment is super cute as you get the holder and you add it in to the holder yourself. It looks like a great colour and I look forward to trying it.

I am loving the wipes as I quite often like to use one in the evening to refresh my face if I haven’t been wearing make up and don’t want to do my full cleanse/tone regime. They are really delicate on your face too.

I must admit, I am intrigued by the tan gummies and not too sure what to expect from them?!

You can read more about this specific box here. I really love discovering new things!

Are you subscribed to anything?

Sarah x

I am so in love with my new bath oil from Olverum. You only need to add half a capful to your bath and it makes it smell so good and leaves you really soft. The oil is absorbed by your skin as you bathe and it leaves your skin feeling great.
This oil was the winner of the Tatler Beauty Awards 2018 – Best Bath Oil and I can see why.
The oil has been carefully created to help you have a relaxing bath and to ease stress, whilst being kind to your skin. The fact it has lavender in it drew me to it initially as I love anything lavender.
You can buy it in various sizes direct from their website:
The 125ml size is £32.00 and will be enough for 25 baths, the 250ml size is £58 and enough for 50 baths. The travel set is £22 and enough for 9 baths.
The oil is also vegan 🙂
Sarah x

One thing I have been loving in this hotter weather is this bottle of freshen up from Angela Langford. It is advertised as a hydrating and refreshing tonic and it does exactly that. I have been using it as a toner and also a cooling spritz throughout the day.

To use it as a toner I simply sprayed it on my face and wiped it off with a cotton pad. Then throughout the day when I was feeling hot I would give my face a quick spritz, but this time I wouldn’t wipe it off. It feels so refreshing! I find in the hot weather, I like to refresh my face during the day and it also helps to hydrate as any air con/fans can make your skin dry so it is important to hydrate it.

The active ingredients are:


Orange blossom


Vitamin B5


Aloe Vera

I find it great to use on my acne prone skin and I am often very sensitive to certain face products but being 99% natural and having calming properties it has really helped to keep my skin calm and refreshed.

The whole range is vegan and cruelty free which is always a bonus. With every order you place, Angela will send out a recipe card to show you how to feed your skin from the inside and out.

Do you use something to freshen your face during the day?

Sarah x

Staying fit and well is essential for both body and mind- we all know the importance of getting enough activity each week. However it’s so easy to put off, not because we’re too busy like so many of us claim but because exercise isn’t always fun. It can be strenuous and hard work and can sometimes feel like torture! However if this is the case for you, it’s just a sign that you’re doing the wrong activity. There are lots of ways you can move your body, tone your muscles and burn calories while having a good time in the process. Here are some ideas!

Take a class

When you think about the gym, chances are you picture yourself slogging away running on a treadmill, cross trainer or weights machine. Maybe this kind of exercise isn’t for you, or perhaps you already do but want to mix up your routine a little. If so, check out your gyms classes schedule. Most offer everything from body pump to yoga to spinning to dance classes. You could bring a friend with you and motivate each other while having fun. It’s only an hour or so a week and can massively boost your fitness and help you to work out muscles that you’d struggle to use any other way.

Get a dog

If you’re serious about getting fit, and know that you have the time, money and energy to look after a dog then why not adopt one? There are millions of dogs across the globe in shelters in need of a home, there are probably thousands in your hometown alone. If you can make just one of their lives better then you’ve done a wonderful thing, and they can benefit your life as much as you can benefit theirs. Choose a breed that suits the level of activity you do, if you like to go on frequent laid back strolls then a smaller or lower energy breed will be fine. If you want to go running, hiking or on long walks then a younger or more energetic dog will be for you. You can find out lots of information about breeds and more on sites like Dogs by Nina. If you’re not in a position to have your own dog, how about walking one for a friend or family member? Often older people struggle to walk their dog for long or far enough so you could help them out as well as making their dog happy. Walking with a dog is so much more fun that walking by yourself too, you’ll usually walk further when you know it’s for them rather than just yourself.

From this site

Try trampolining

The best exercises are those that don’t even seem like exercise. When you go trampolining, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even be thinking about the huge number of calories you’re burning! There are trampoline parks up and down the country and there are also lessons offered at sports centres and some gyms. Bounce your way to a better physique!

Sarah x

One thing I have missed since adapting my vegan diet is sweets, a lot of jelly sweets are not suitable for vegans. In my quest to find some tasty sweets I came across the real wine gum. The range currently consists of: a white chardonnay, a german riesling, a rosé, and a red merlot wine gum.

The great thing about these is:

– Non-alcoholic
– Contains no animal produce is free of fat, nuts, lactose and gelatine. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No colouring-matter or liquorice added.

They taste great and are healthier option to regular wine gums. I think you can really taste the different wine flavours in them too. a lot more realistic than any I have tried before.

Do you like wine gums?

Sarah x