I am one of those crazy people that enjoys the dentist. I love going to have my hygienist appointment as I love how it leaves my teeth so smooth and clean afterwards. I wanted to get that feeling at home so I decided to try the Hagsun water flosser at home. 

hangsun water flosser

At first it looked a little scary with all of the different nozzle options but once reading the manual and seeing what they all were I was really impressed.

hangsun water flosser

You simply choose the head and attach it on, fill the tank with water, plug it in and away you go!

hangsun water flosser

You can pick the pressure, I started off low and then increased it. You have to pause it to spit the water out and it is actually quite gross looking at the bits in the water that have come from between your teeth!

It is great for me to use something like this as I cannot floss mt bottom teeth due to my brace on the back of my teeth. I find it hard to brush behind properly so this is great to use as I normally use the small brushes to get in between my teeth. Using this machine once a week gives you that extra deep clean.

Sarah x


Bidvine is a great website that you use to find a local plumber, photographer, cleaner, guitar teacher, yoga instructor, pretty much whatever help you need.


I used the website to help a family member look for a wedding photographer. The site asks you some questions to find out more about what you are looking for and then you hear back from them with several options. If you decide to use the service, you can also leave a review, to then help other people that are thinking about using the same company/person.


To chose the service of a wedding photographer it asked a few important questions, some being: 

Would you also like engagement photos?

In what formats would you like your images?

What is your estimated budget for the photographer’s services and images?

How many hours will you require the photographer on site?

It is important you take the time to fill out your answers accurately so they can recommend the best to suit. Different questions are asked depending on the service, but it is important they know your budget and how soon you require the service.

The website itself is really easy to navigate and to understand. You can search by category and everything is very eye-catching and colourful.

I would definitely recommend it as I think its a really helpful site and I would rather use something like this than just search on google as it is more trustworthy and I feel a lot safer.  

If you want to find out more about the site and how it works you can click here.  

Sarah x


One problem I always have, is that my phones battery is awful! Anyone that has an iPhone knows that to start with they are amazing, then after a bout a year the battery just doesn’t last a whole day. I was carrying about an external battery pack and lead with me but I recently got my hands on a charging case to try.

iphone charging case

This case comes in different colours but I opted for the black, because I mean like, black goes with every outfit right?!

The case is currently on sale for £44.99 which may seem a lot of a case but it is the worlds thinnest charging case and a lot easier and cheaper than buying an external battery or getting your battery replaced!

iphone charging case

You can see it compared to my normal case, it really isn’t much bigger. I had a charging case before but it was just so bulky I ended up not using it, but considering this is hardly bigger than a normal case it’s pretty amazing.

You simply charge it until it is fully charged (there is a light indicator on the back), and then put your phone in it and when it needs more juice just press the little button and it will charge your phone. 

Sarah x


As well as blogging, I like to enter a a lot of competitions online and also claim as many freebies as I can, I mean who doesn’t like a good freebie?!

There are so many websites out there that list the best offers and free samples but I recently came across www.gratisfaction.co.uk and it has now become one of my favourites to check daily.

Through this site I recently claimed a sample of a candle, some face cream, hand wipes, coconut oil and many more.

It doesn’t take long to click through and see what appeals to you, you can then fill out your details and apply. Most samples get sent to your home address but some make up samples you can visit your local counter to claim.

There are also lots of voucher codes available, either off specific products or shops/restaurants, it is always worth checking to see what is available.

It is a great way to get free/discounted items to try and often the sample sizes of things are great if you are going away for a few days or if you need to take something with you but don’t want to carry about full size.

Tje website is so easy to use as everything is separated into sections/categories depending on what you are looking for. It also shows you what things are currently popular/hot.

I would definitely recommend checking it out and bookmarking it!

Sarah x

Some people celebrate Valentine’s day, and others don’t, it is a personal preference. If you are looking to get your special someone a gift, I have put together a few ideas.

Part 1 can be viewed here!


Chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue set
This set is available to purchase from Flying Tiger stores across the UK

I think this is awesome idea, all you need to do is light a tealight underneath and put some chocolate in the bowl, once it is melted you an use the forks provided to dip whatever you want in to it, marshmallows, strawberries, whatever takes your fancy!


Good morning mugs

These mugs are the perfect his/hers mugs, you could buy one for your loved one or buy them both so you have matching 😉

They are dishwasher proof which is great as often mugs/glasses with designs on can get ruined if you don’t hand wash them, but these are just fine! I really like the idea of these and now my husband and myself can have our morning tea together in style.

egg cup

Heart design egg cup

This beautiful marble deign egg cup has a gold heart on and is great for any egg lover. Marble homeware is being very fashionable and to be honest, you could use this for anything, not just eggs! It would look so cute on a bedside table with rings or odd small jewellery items in.

They have a great range of marble items but this one is just so cute and is really well made. It is the kind of thing you wouldn’t mind leaving out on the side in your kitchen as decoration when it isn’t in use!

Crabtree & Evelyn - All Butter Rose & White Chocolate Biscuits

Crabtree & Evelyn – All Butter Rose & White Chocolate Biscuits

These limited edition biscuits would win my heart any day. They taste so good and the fact they have crystallised rose petals in is pretty cool! Crabtree & Evelyn have a great range of biscuits and confectionery, not just bath and body 🙂



Lucy Quartermaine drip ring

‘Waterfall 5-Drip Ring’ in Sterling Silver

This beautiful ring is part of the Lucy Quartermaine new waterfall range, it is so beautiful and would make a lovely thoughtful gift for any jewellery fan.

You can wear it two ways, with the drips hanging up or down and it is great quality for a really good price.



Varta Powerpack

Varta Powerpack
Available from Ebay/Amazon/B&Q and Homebase

I wanted to include this as a great alternative gift, it is something everyone would have use for really. The amount of times I am out and about and my phone dies! It has two ports so you can charge 2 items at ocne, whether it is a phone or a tablet and it can charge your phone fully 4 times!

I think this would be pretty cool as nowadays most people have a phone that they can’t live without!





Another fabulous gift for someone would be a book. This book is a great read about self development and personal growth. There are also some amazing tips on how to live a happier life and Yvonne really has put a lot of time and thought into this inspiring book.

There are some sections for you to complete yourself and I really think this would be a great gift, this is the kind of thing my husband would appreciate.


I hope I have inspired you with some of my gift selections 🙂

Sarah x