I love beauty boxes. I used to get the Lookfantastic one but I was finding I wasn’t always using all of the products as they weren’t all to my taste. I wanted to find an option where I could pick exactly what was int he ox and came across the 9-product Beauty Guru one off box from Latest in Beauty.

For £25 you can pick 9 items from a massive list of products. I went for mainly bath products/hand cream and lip products but there are so many other things to pick from.

They add different products quite regularly and it would make a great gift for someone or as a treat for yourself. There really is something for everyone on there and the products are split into sections so the website is easy to navigate.

The product I chose were:

Tinted Lip Balm in Rose
Hair Ties Set in Black and Gold
Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil
Natural Lipstick in Sunset Cruise
20100 Shiny Crayon Lipstick in Diva
Herbal Baths
Old World Jasmine Hand Therapy
Rose & Violet Blossom Hand Cream
Rose Otto Bath Oil

When you think about how much this would have costed to buy all of the products individually it is such great value.

I am so impressed and in a few months I may treat myself to another box.

Do you ever buy beauty boxes?

Sarah x

This April marks the launch of Stress Awareness Month

“Research has shown that around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each
year. Most of these suffer from anxiety and depression and much of this is stress-related. 13.3 million working
days are lost per year due to stress, depression and anxiety.” – Mental Health Foundation

How stress affects the skin:

1. Stress causes a chemical response in your body, making skin more sensitive and reactive as well as making it
harder for skin problems to heal. It also causes your body to produce hormones such as cortisol, which in turn result in glands producing a larger amount of oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne. Stress is also known to aggravate existing skin issues, such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. In extreme cases, it can cause hives and fever blisters.

2. Lack of sleep, due to laying awake at night worrying about your problems, can cause under eye bags and dark circles.

3. If you’re stressed, taking care of your body and drinking enough water isn’t likely to be high in your priorities. Dehydration can cause dry and flaky skin.

4. Breathing in short, shallow breaths and holding your breath for periods of time can lead to redness and flushing.

How to take care of your skin if you’re stressed

Taking proper care of your skin and following your full skincare routine will help and manage any effects of feeling stressed. Essentialle’s range of facial oils, designed for specific skin types, will help to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

Specifically, the Elasticity Boost Toning Face Oil (£65), ideal for dehydrated skin, is a 100% natural ultra-conditioning oil, packed with a powerhouse of actives that hydrate, strengthen and repair, to reveal a defined, plumped and firm complexion.

Appreciate the therapeutic benefits of Essentialle’s oils by massaging them into the skin in a slow and considered manner, to unwind and relax.

Meadowfoam seed oil accelerates suppleness and resilience
Abyssinian seed oil moisturises and enhances skin lustre
Radish seed oil nourishes from within to improve barrier function
Echium plantagineum seed oil combats crepeyness, fine lines and wrinkles
Shea butter intensely nourishes and conditions the skin
May chang oil re-energises the skin and senses
Olive oil protects against daily aggressors, regenerates and softens
Safflower seed oil diminishes dryness and locks in valuable skin moisture
Sweet orange oil invigorates and boosts collagen production
Camelina seed oil improves skin hydration and elasticity

*Info provided by essentialle.com*

The last couple of months I have suffered with dry hands. It is a mixture of the weather and also the fact I had been using strong shampoo to try and fade my hair which in turn really dried out my hands. Must wear gloves next time!

I have been using this hand cream in the morning before going to work and then again at night before bed.

Sometimes I find you need to re apply cream throughout the day but by using this one twice a day as I mentioned, it is keeping my hands soft and hydrated throughout the whole day.

The cream is a non greasy formula and seems to soak in quite quickly. I like that you only need a small amount too.

Do you use hand cream regularly?

Sarah x

Another great brand I came across on Harpak is Daughter Of The Soil. You can buy a sample pack for £20 which contains a small selection of their most popular products to try. You can also purchase full sizes of their products from Harpak.

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of their products to try(please note that these differ from what you would receive if you order the 4 product sample pack). The products are very luxurious to use and I found you don’t need to use much as they seem to last a long time.

What I tried:

Shea body butter – I love body butters rather than body lotions usually as I find they are are more hydrating and easier to apply as they are thicker. I like the consistency of this once and it smells great. It is a non-greasy formula and it was great to apply to my dry elbows. It soaks in really quickly and leaves your skin super soft.

Marula hand wash – I have been using this for a while now and what I like the most is that it doesn’t dry out your hands like some hand washes can. It foams easily and leaves your hands feeling clean.

Baobab and Rooibos body wash – This body wash has been in my shower for the last couple of weeks and there is still quite a bit left! You only need a small amount and it lathers really well. It leaves you feeling refreshed and is great to use on a body puff.

Baobab and Rooibos body lotion – Using this after washing with the body lotion will help the scent stay on you for longer. I really like using this lotion on my arms and legs if I feel I need to moisturise but don’t need anything as strong as a body butter.

Marula hydrating hand lotion – This is the same scent as the hand wash I tried. I really like using something from the same “scent family” where possible as the products will then compliment each other and the scent lasts longer. It soaks in quickly and leaves your hands nourished.

Sarah x

I recently came across Harpak who are an online shop that sell food and drink, cosmetics and home & garden products.

Taken from Harpak “Harpak Home Shopping is a family run home shopping catalogue, offering our customers a collection of quality new products and household favourites at great prices. We work hard to source the best in new products including many great British Manufactured brands and hope you enjoy discovering something new with us”

They sell lots of amazing brands including Holos and I just love this good night relaxation set from them.

Holos create lots of plant based products and aromatherapy skincare. The set I have contains:

Body Oil 100ml

Rich Night Cream 50ml

Lovely Lavender Soy Candle

If you have been reading my blog recently, you will know I am obsessed with lighting candles in the evening. Lavender is such a great scent to really relax you and help you sleep.

This would make a great gift to yourself or for a loved one. The body oil is so lovely to use and it so relaxing to rub this over your skin after a nice bath and before getting in to bed. Teamed with the night cream and the candle you will feel so calm and drift of to sleep in no time!

Do you have any tips on relaxing or getting to sleep easier?

Sarah x