If you have read my blog for a while now, you know I love trying new skincare. Today I am sharing my thoughts with you about the Scienea superberry skin firming serum which is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidents.

I love that it is 100% natural and is suitable for all skin types. The serum aims to penetrate deep into your skin to help boost your skins natural defences and in turn improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

As it repairs your skin, it is also good if you have any acne scarring or visible wrinkles. Not only does it help your skin for the future, but it can help with existing skin problems too.

I particularly noticed this working well on my acne scars on my forehead and also it helped to firm the skin under my eyes (I didn’t put it too close to my eyes don’t worry!).

It is a very light serum and soaks in quickly. It smells great and if applied at night, I think you can see a difference when you wake up. I am using this several nights a week along with my usual skincare routine.

Sarah x

I love anything coconut related. Coconut oil is one of my favourite skin products as it is so good for so many things. I love trying anything it in!

This coconut oil cream is a great to moisturise with. I used to use pure oil but that got a little greasy and messy so this was great as coconut oil is the main ingredient but it is a bit more manageable to apply. It leaves you feeling so soft and can be used anywhere on your body. I really like using this cream on my face before bed as well as moisturising my legs.

I love coffee scrubs, so this sounded amazing as it is coconut too! It is great to use a scrub like this to really exfoliate your body and nourish the skin. They can be a little messy in the shower but I prefer these types of scrubs to the usual salt or sugar one. After using this the first time I instantly noticed how soft my skin was and I aim to use it once a week to keep my skin soft during these colder months.

Both products are vegan too which is great 🙂

Sarah x

I have really enjoyed using this re texturing radiance mask from Lucia Magnani. It is not something I had heard of before but I really liked the sound of it and I needed something to brighten up my face.

The mask is designed to leave your skin glowing, and that is exactly what it did! You only need a small amount and I used it over my whole face, followed by my usual face oil before bed and by morning I was well and truly glowing.

You don;t need to leave it on for too long which is great. About 10-15mins was ideal. The fango mud really helps to detoxify your skin and leaves you feeling so smooth and clean.

Sarah x

I love writing gift guides, so here is a small collection of gift ideas this Christmas for family or friends, men or women.

Some of these were kindly gifted to me and others I have bought myself for my family or for myself.

I hope some of these inspire you!



Crabtree & Evelyn – La Source body duo


La Source is one of the most popular ranges from Crabtree and Evelyn and this set contains the body wash and body lotion. This is ideal for anyone that loves to pamper themselves and I love that they are packaged together nicely. The body wash is super refreshing and the body lotion really soaks in, leaving you really soft and hydrated.

DHC – Double cleanse set


You will have seen me mention DHC before on my blog and I love love love their skincare. This set contains: deep cleansing oil, mild soap and olive virgin oil swabs.

I am a big fan of the iconic deep cleansing oil and I think this set is great to try this and the soap, plus you get the free swabs.

Skincare is important to me and a lot of people would be grateful to try this brand I am sure.

Ingenious beauty capsules


These capsules are clinically proven to reduce fine lines by 26% and can be used for:

Smoother and firmer skin

Stronger nails

Thicker hair

Improvement in your body’s overall vitality

I think these are great for anyone that wants to look better as we all know your hair is skin is affected by what you put in your body as much as what you put on it. Collagen is great for your skin as well as your hair and nails. I think it is great you can buy something to help you from within. I know a lot of people that would love to try something like this!

Mad Beauty – Slush Puppie shower gel and sponge set


Another great product from the Mad Beauty/Slush Puppie range is this shower gel and sponge set. The sponge is so cute with the logo and teamed with a refreshing shower gel it will make bath time a lot more fun.

Percy Nobleman – Face and stubble care kit


This is great whether you have a beard or not. It is important that men remember to take care of their face whether they clean shave everyday or have a beard they are proud of. This is a great set that includes: face and stubble wash, face and stubble moisturiser and a face towel. Their products are great quality and my husband has used them before and is a massive fan.

Percy Nobleman – Signature fragrance

Price depends on size

Another great product from Percy Noblemen is their signature fragrance. You can buy this is a variety of sizes and even a sample if you want to try it before committing to a larger one. It smells quite fruity to start with but then you can really smell the musk. It is a great product to use after your face care regime especially if you are using their other products as the scents compliment each other so well.

XO Balm


The XO balm is a great multi purpose balm, the kind you can chuck into your handbag and it will come in handy so much. You can use it on your face or body to moisturise or even use it on your hair to tame flyaways. I really like using it on my cuticles and to moisturise my dry elbows.

Mad Beauty – Minnie headband


This headband from the Mad Beauty Minnie collection is so cute. It is great to put on when you want your hair out of your face, so to wash your face or to put on when you apply make up. It is very cute and perfect for any Disney fan.

Mad Beauty – Minnie face mask


Another great Minnie product is this sheet mask. Sheet masks are very popular at the moment and who wouldn’t want to look like Minnie whilst relaxing and having their face mask work its magic?!


I really hope you enjoyed reading and that I have given you some great ideas this Christmas!

Sarah xxx

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Soap & Glory advent calendar this year. At £40 I think this is a great price as it contains 24 products, making them less than £2 each and it is even better value if you buy it in the 3 for 2 offer in Boots! 😉

I wanted to show you the contents but there is not point me reviewing it on the 24th December once I have opened it all!

The calendar contains the following, some of them are in there more than once:

S&G clean on me pod 8ml
S&G clean on me pod 8ml
S&G rich & foamous body wash pod 8 ml
S&G rich & foamous body wash pod 8 ml
S&G sugar crush body wash pod 8ml
S&G sugar crush body wash pod 8ml
S&G mini scrub of your life 50ml
S&G mini righteous butter (flush) 50ml
S&G mini hand food 50ml
S&G mini heel genius 50ml
S&G mini one heck of a blot primer 15ml
S&G thick & fast HD mascara black 10ml
S&G mini gloss stick nudist 1.5g
S&G mini gloss stick pink-a-boo 1.5g
S&G mini matte stick choco-berry 1.5g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl smoulder 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl what a night (blue) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl foil in love (silver) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl grapevine (purple) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl cocoa bean (brown) 0.3g
S&G mini pillow plump clearvoyant 4ml
S&G mini pillow plump nude in town 4ml
S&G mini pillow plump pinkwell 4ml
S&G mini tweezers

I am really excited to have this to open throughout December 🙂

It is a great way to try more of their body products and make up too.

Sarah x