I never knew you could buy personalised wrapping paper, it is so cool! I came across Pretty Gifted and thought it was amazing.

For £7.95 you can design your own wrapping paper and there are so many options to pick form. I went for:

Paper Colour: pearlescent
Foil Colour: rainbow
Font: candy
Font Size: large

It only took a couple of minutes to design and within a few days it arrvied and came complete with a tag and gel pen to use 🙂

It was so easy to use their website and you can pick every single detail, from the background colour to the font and of course what you want it to say.

I will definitely be using this site again 🙂

Sarah x


Let’s be honest, when giving your home a makeover, what rooms do you focus on the most? We are guessing the living room and bedroom, the two rooms where you tend to spend the most of your downtime. However, it is our kitchens that could do with a bit of ‘me’ time as well, being the focus of our attention to improve both the aesthetics and practical uses. You don’t need to break the bank either, as you can give your kitchen a facelift on a budget. We have some ideas to help you, breathing new life into one of the most essential rooms in your home.

  • Sort out any DIY issues within the kitchen first. Problems with ventilation? Blocked pipes? Cracked walls? Head over to Bidvine and hire a professional to repair any pressing jobs before you enhance your kitchen area.
  • Replenish your kitchen essentials. If you’re still using those chipped plates and glasses from years back, or you are still reliant on what your mum gave you when you moved into your home, it may be time to buy some new stuff to complement your kitchen makeover. Enamel kitchenware is making a come back and is both affordable and practical. You could colour scheme your crockery, as well, buying plates and cups that match the overall look of your kitchen.
  • Refresh your old cabinets. Cabinets can be expensive to replace, but if they are still in a good condition, give them a makeover. You can give them a fresh lick of colour, as well as changing up the textures, and adding new handles. Take a look at the gorgeous kitchen hardware designs here to give you a little bit of inspiration. There are all kinds of combinations you can use in your design choices, so think creatively.
  • Work on your countertops. Something else that is expensive to replace, but you can give these a bit of a facelift as well. There are all kinds of painting kits available, giving your countertops a whole new look, from a faux marble effect to a soapstone look using chalkboard paint. Give them a good polish too, smoothing out any worn damage, and you will soon have something that looks brand new, even when it isn’t!
  • Give your kitchen a colour pop. While you could design your kitchen with matching colours, this can look a little boring if everything looks the same. Instead, focus on one area of the room with a blast of colour. From paintwork on the walls to a colourful appliance, you can make a striking impact to your kitchen’s atmosphere.
  • Switch your lighting. A decent light fixture can totally transform your kitchen, with a statement chandelier or colourful pendant lights. As well as your overhanging lights, you can also bring focus to certain areas of the room, perhaps with a wall lantern or undercabinet lights to highlight shadowed areas. Lighting is both practical and decorative, so choose something that is reflective of your overall kitchen design.

These kitchen ideas should suit every budget, and don’t need the stress and expense of a complete overhaul. If you have any further thoughts on how to give a kitchen a makeover, perhaps from your experiences, be sure to let me know.

Sarah x



I recently came across Harpak who are an online shop that sell food and drink, cosmetics and home & garden products.

Taken from Harpak “Harpak Home Shopping is a family run home shopping catalogue, offering our customers a collection of quality new products and household favourites at great prices. We work hard to source the best in new products including many great British Manufactured brands and hope you enjoy discovering something new with us”

They sell lots of amazing brands including Holos and I just love this good night relaxation set from them.

Holos create lots of plant based products and aromatherapy skincare. The set I have contains:

Body Oil 100ml

Rich Night Cream 50ml

Lovely Lavender Soy Candle

If you have been reading my blog recently, you will know I am obsessed with lighting candles in the evening. Lavender is such a great scent to really relax you and help you sleep.

This would make a great gift to yourself or for a loved one. The body oil is so lovely to use and it so relaxing to rub this over your skin after a nice bath and before getting in to bed. Teamed with the night cream and the candle you will feel so calm and drift of to sleep in no time!

Do you have any tips on relaxing or getting to sleep easier?

Sarah x

One thing I really enjoy in the evenings is to burn a scented candle, either in the living room whilst relaxing watching tv or in the bedroom as you are settling down to go to sleep.

The two candles I have been loving at the moment are:

Crabtree & Evelyn – Wanderlust Dream

I have always been a fan of Crabtree & Evelyn hand products but never tried any of their candles or diffusers before. This candle is 200g so pretty big and the jar is so simple and stylish you can either show the logo and candle name or turn it round for a plain side.

This one is so relaxing and I have it next to my bed to burn for half an hour before I plan to drift of the sleep. it is so calming and helps me to relax and get to sleep better.

This scent is described as “Dream away to your hearts content with the beautiful essences in this luxurious fragranced candle designed to fill your bedroom with enchantment. A balance of feminine florals and woody masculine notes create ambient layers of sophistication. Powdery violet and geranium blend with earthier hints of iris and cinnamon leaf. Incense like spice notes of elemi pricked with aromatic pink pepper, warm cedarwood and smooth tobacco add a mellow dreamy mood.”

Brinley Williams – Fairy Dust

With the Brinley Williams candles you can personalize what the jar says or pick from a variety of options. Once you have done this you can then select what scent you prefer:

Amber Noir, Wild Jasmine, Spring Breeze, Parma Violet, Fairy Dust, Mocca, Fresh Verbena, Pure Vanilla, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Black Pomegranate, Fig & Cassis & Festive Spice.

I think it is great you can personalize them. Mine says: All you need is love, and handbags and shoes. It is a great size (230g) and I have used it a handful of times in the evenings and it hasn’t really gone down too much so it will last for ages 🙂

The fairy dust scent is very sweet and is described as “A stunning powdery soft floral fragrance. A stunning powdery soft floral signature balances night blooming jasmine with fresh cassis, while hints of ozone create a shimmering effect. Complex musk tones intertwine with rare woods and a hint of vanilla at the base of the scent. Simply dreamy.”

Do you have a favourite candle?

Sarah x

I love my new mirror from Hamswan. It was so easy to set up as you can use it either via USB or install batteries and then at the touch of a button it lights up. It is pretty swish and it includes two magnifying mirrors too(2x and 3x)

When you arent using it, you can fold the front in if you prefer, so it is easy to put away or you can just fold it closed to look neater.

This is what it looks like without any light. You can tilt the main mirror up and down as well as move the side mirrors in and out, so you can really have it how ever you want. You could also use the stand to store a few small items on 🙂

The lights are really good, they are a lovely soft white light. They are bright enough to light up your face but they aren’t going to hurt your eyes.

I got mine from from Amazon, they are £21.99 which I think is a great price, considering it has nultiple mirrors and lights up!

Sarah x