If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that recently I have been trying to eat a lot healthy and really trying to have healthier snacks throughout the day. I came across Boka so decided to give them a try.

They have four varieties of bars: Apple & Cinnamon, Caramel, Choco Mallow and Strawberry.

They are all 100% green traffic lights which is really important if you are sticking to a strict diet or trying to cut out bad food.

They all taste yummy but my favourite is the caramel flavour. Often health bars are only fruit flavoured so it is really nice they have this and the choco mallow ones if you fancy something a bit different.

Sarah x

I am trying to share a few more foodie posts with you recently. I wanted to tell you a bit about a brand I hadn’t tried before called Dr Zaks. They make tasty snacks that are high in protein so really good for you if you are a gym buff or trying to eat healthier.

The past few weeks I have really tried to cut out fatty snacks and work out more to try and improve my fitness and become a bit more toned. it is so hard to give up snacks though. This is where Dr Zaks snacks come in handy!

The cookies taste amazing and are high in protein but low in sugar and fat. They are really filling and are great as a snack after exercising(instead of a protein shake) or to just snack on during the day. My favourite is the triple chocolate, it tastes naughty like it is meant to be bad for you haha. The protein helps keep you fuller for longer 🙂

They also have a great range of protein clusters. The fruit and yogurt ones are my favourite The bag is only 128 calories and is such a handy snack to keep in your bag or desk draw. I have really noticed that by having high protein snacks I am not snacking as often as I am fuller for longer and bu limiting my snacks as well as exercising regularly I have really noticed a difference.

You can buy their products at a ton of online stores. 

Sarah x

With my recent health kick, not only am I trying to work out and live a better lifestyle, I am also trying to eat a lot better and find the best way to ave fruit is by making a smoothie. I am loving the smoothie mixes from www.superbsmoothies.com.


My favourite mix is Fine Fettle, which is banana and strawberry, you simply mix water or juice with it in the blender and you have a delicious smoothie. One pack contains 1 banana and 10 strawberries. They are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan which is great for anyone that has a food intolerance or chooses a vegan lifestyle.

Freeze dry food is just as good as fresh fruit and it lasts a lot longer! It is something you can keep in the cupboard for months and will always taste great 🙂

fruit snacks

Superb also have a range of fruit snacks which are great to have throughout the day as a healthy treat. From mango to banana or apple, there is something for everyone. A pack of dried mango is only 26cal and is great to have between meals as a quick healthy snack.

Sarah x


I have recently been taking these biotin tablets from Tranforme to try and improve my hair skin and nails. Due to over bleaching and dying my hair, my hair was in quite a bad condition, I am constantly cutting off the split ends, meaning my hair really struggles to grow. I have also been taken off my acne medication by the doctor as I was taking it for so long, my body became unresponsive to it. I thought now was a good time to start trying a supplement to see if it would make a difference.


I was going to take a before and after picture of my hair, but can you really see in pictures if the condition has improved? Considering I have changed my hair colour twice in the past month and also had an undercut done I wasn’t too sure if the picture would really show progress.

I have been taking these for 4 weeks now and my skin has started to clear up, it also feels a lot softer and my break outs aren’t nearly as bad. My nails seem to be growing longer and stronger, which is great as I used to bite them so I have only just started trying to grow them and take care of my nails. My hair is starting to feel softer, I can tell by my roots how much it is growing and it just feels a lot more manageable and looks a lot healthier.

I am really impressed that by taking these daily, it can make such a difference to my hair, skin and nails.

Sarah x


I recently got my hands on some of my fave chocolate bars from www.discount-supplements.co.uk. As I am trying to get fitter and changed to high protein diet I wanted to try these as often protein bars don’t taste very nice but I mean who wouldn’t want one that tasted like chocolate?!

protein bars

At first I thought, oh I bet I doesn’t taste like the real thing, but you would be surprised! In the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t and I am not sure if that clouded my judgement as I feel they didn’t taste EXACTLY like the real thing but it was pretty close!

Definitely give these a go if you are trying a high protein diet but love your chocolate bars too much to give them up 😉 My favourite had to be the snickers one.

Sarah x