I am back sharing with you what hair care I am using at the moment. When ever I run out of shampoo and conditioner I love to take the opportunity to try something new. I have been using the Maui moisture revive and hydrate range for the last few weeks and I am really impressed.

This range is specifically designed for people with dry and damaged hair but they also have other ranges available in boots and superdrug depending on your hair concern: dry hair, chemically damaged hair, thick curly hair, weak or brittle hair.

This range is vegan and they do not contain any sulfates, they just have good ingredients like aloe juice and coconut water.

I found they products very hydrating, which is what you need if your hair is dry and damaged. They products left my hair feeling really soft and revived as well as leaving it a lot more manageable and it looked in a lot better condition after it dried. I didn’t need to put so much oil on the ends like i usually do.

D you always stick to the same hair products or do you like to try new things when your current products run out?

Sarah x

You all know how much I obsess about my hair. I am constantly changing the colour of it but when I am in between changes it can often look quite bad. I wanted to get myself a wig so that for those few days of the month when my roots are bleached and yellow and I am fading out the ends I can simply out a wig on and not have to worry about being judged for my bad hair.

There are also times when I really don’t want bright hair, when I wish my hair was a bit more “normal” looking. I got myself this Beatrix wig from Annabelles wigs who is a company that one of my friends recommended.

I decided to go with one that was closest to my natural colour (well, from what I can remember!). I think this wig is also a great length as it is similar to my current hair length and for the price of £27.99 I couldn’t really go wrong. The plan was, if I get along with this one I can then buy a few more in different styles and colours depending on my mood.

The wig arrived really quickly and I was impressed with the quality. As I have never worn one before I thought it may be uncomfortable and first but once I got the hang of how to tie/clip my natural hair up so it sat flat under the wig it was really quite easy to put on and quite comfortable.

I think this one looks quite natural with the slight ombre effect and the flick style. It is hard me to personally say as I know it is not my hair.

Have you ever worn a wig? Do you find them easy?

Sarah x

I decided it was time for a new watch (see what I did there, haha!) as the only watch I wear at the moment is my apple watch but I don’t always need to track my activity and sometimes want a but of a nice looking watch for special occasions, not a big sporty looking one.

I picked up this beautiful Alienwork watch off Amazon and it was only £20.14 in the sale which I think is such a great price, especially as it was here the next day through my Amazon prime.

I went for the black version but they come in a variety of colours and are currently on a buy one get one 50% offer so great if you want to treat yourself and buy one as a gift.

The spec of the watch:

Item Shape Round
Dial Window Material Type Mineral
Display Type analogue
Clasp Type Hook Buckle
Case Material Metal
Case Diameter 40
Case Thickness 8
Band Material Stainless Steel
Band Length Men’s Standard
Band Width 20
Band Colour black
Dial Colour black
Bezel Material Stainless Steel
Movement Japanese Quartz
Water Pressure Resistance 3 bar

The watch is adjustable so can be suitable for both men and women and it is so easy to adjust as it is a milanese band. It comes in a cute little bag and case.

It is so comfortable to wear and looks really expensive!

Do you like the look of this watch? Want the chance to win one? Make sure you enter below:

Win an Alienwork Quartz Watch

Sarah x

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Although it has not felt like it lately, summer is just around the corner, which means it is the perfect time to give your wardrobe the bit of TLC that it deserves. With every new season that comes, there are always new fashion trends to embrace. No matter whether you are a follower of trends or not, these are some of the best ones that you will definitely want to incorporate into your wardrobe over the next few months…

Pastels – Let’s start with a trend that everyone can rock, irrespective of their taste in clothing. You can head to Basler Clothing for some inspiration on the different ways you can wear this trend. Expect to see lots of pastels over the summer months, such as duck egg blue, lemon, pink and lilac. Although pastel shades are known for being feminine and soft, you can go strong with these shades this season. Consider tailoring and lots of block colours to make a big and striking impact.

Plastic – Not only is this a unique trend, but it is actually one that is very practical when you consider our likelihood to have a few showers throughout the summer here in the UK. Waterproof plastics are fun to say the least. You can expect to see them in many different shades this summer, as they have already been displayed at the likes of Fendi, Calvin Klein, Topshop, Burberry, Marant, and Isabel.

Fringing – This is one of the more surprising trends this season. Everyone was expecting that fringing would be gone once and for all, as it has been used so many times in festival incarnations. However, the likes of Loewe and Bottega Veneta have given fringing an upgrade, with a more empowered and sophisticated feel.

Checks – Another trend that can be worn in a number of different ways: checks. Checks made a massive impact on the runway for the spring/summer 2018 shows. Burberry, Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga showed how to work this trend, with Victoria Beckham going for the more traditional approach while Balenciaga went for statement, voluminous coats. For an easy way to work this look, simply team somedenim jeans with a check shirt or bold coat.

Sequins – Last but not least, this is a trend for all of the glitzy and glamorous ladies reading this. Sparkles and sequins are set to make a huge impact over the summer months. And, who can deny how amazing sequins look when paired with a beautiful summer tan? This is not a trend that needs to b restricted to evening attire. You can easily style your sparkles with a sweatshirt to give them daytime longevity.

So there you have it: some of the best fashion trends for summer 2018. Which of these trends will you be adding to your wardrobe over the coming months?Sarah x

If you want to lead the healthiest life you possibly can, you will need to think carefully about what you are putting into your body. Ultimately, the food you eat and the beverages you drink are what are going to make the biggest difference to your health, and it’s worth paying attention to what you are actually eating and drinking as often as you possibly can. If you do, you might start to notice that there are many things you could be cutting out. What’s more, you might come across some things which you could do with more of – and to give you a hand on this one, we are going to take a look now at some of the foods and drinks which have surprisingly positive health benefits for you. More of these, please.

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If you are someone who loves to drink Tea and Coffee, you will know that it can be easy to drink it all day. As it happens, however, both of these can actually be very good for you – and perhaps the more surprising one of the two is coffee. Drinking a cup or two of coffee a day can help to keep cancers of all kinds at bay. It also provides you with a number of immune-system-boosting chemicals which you can’t get in anything else. What’s more, a limited amount of caffeine is a great mental booster and is actually linked to improved mood and the lifting of depression. There’s no reason to feel guilty about your morning coffee. In fact, it might be saving your life in subtle ways.


Peppers can go in just about any dinnertime meal, and they provide a great deal of flavour to most dishes. But they are also surprisingly good for you too, and some of the benefits they have are pretty amazing. Probably the biggest one is that they are linked to roughly a 30 percent lowered risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Nobody wants this disease in their old age, so stocking up on peppers jus might be the way to go if you want to remain virile and healthy. Try to find some good ways to get peppers into your diet more and more. You might find it makes you feel a lot better.

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Nuts of all shapes and sizes and kinds are going to be good for your health, and in so many ways that it’s basically impossible to list all the benefits here. On the whole, however, they have been shown to help you lengthen your life significantly. If you eat plenty of nuts throughout the week, you can even find yourself extending your lifespan by a massive 30 years – something which you don’t find in many other foods, or anything else for that matter. You can easily get more nuts into your diet, and doing so is going to be one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself.

With enough of the above in your diet, you will find that you are living longer, more healthily and even more happily.

Sarah x