Most of us spend a lot of money and time planning Christmas gifts for family and friends but we have to make sure not to forget our furry friends too! I love spoiling my cats and I am loving the range of Christmas treats from Webbox.

I am saving these to give them on Christmas day but I know from previous experience and Gizmos views (before we got Archie) that their treats are a big hit! You can see my previous review here.

It is important for me to buy new toys for my cats to keep their minds stimulated, especially as they are indoor cats and I don’t want them getting bored!

Sarah x

Sweets through the post, what a great idea! Kandy station offer a great range of sweets/chocolate you can have delivered to you or to someone as a gift. The Box of love contains 6 x 100g bags of sweets plus love hearts and a love heart dip 🙂 at £5.99 I think this is really great value.

You can see how great the selection is above and there are lots of other themes to pick from. As well as these sweet boxes they have a lot of other great things on their site including American themed sweets and drinks, yum yum!

They have a good range or dairy free/gluten free things too so if you have any food intolerance’s it would be worth checking them out so you don’t miss out on a sweet treat 🙂

Roll on payday so I can spend all my money on American sweets haha.

Sarah x

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Womans Ultimate Hamper from

The idea behind it is that if you know someone that is struggling with cancer you can buy them a parcel to lift their spirits and let them know you are thinking of them.
I think this is a great idea and speaking from past experience I really wish I knew about this company when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. I am thankful she got through it with lots of radiotherapy and she now has the all clear but I think if I had given her something like this it really would have made her day and helped her through the tough times.

They do parcels specific for men women or children and you can view the whole range on their website.

Taken straight from their website:

A specially created deluxe parcel providing useful, fun & comfort items for women with cancer.

Practical items for dealing with stress.

Luxury items for pampering.

Fun and motivational items, to give a little relief during these difficult times.

Everyone who receives a parcel is also given access to our increasing number of resources, aimed at supporting all those affected by cancer.

Total RRP of items £126.44

Our Box Price £98.67

It typically contains:

Essential Vitamin E hydration

Purple Eye Gel Mask

Chocolate and Ginger tea

USB Light

Sea-Band Anti Nausea Wrist Band

Water Bottle

Supersoft Neck Cushion


Blue Earphones

Digital Thermometer

Water-Jel Hand Sanitiser Bottles

Brazilian Mud Clay Spa Facemask

Vaseline® Lip Therapy®

Colour Therapy Travel Stress Pad

Colouring Pencils

Peppermint Herbal Tea Pyramid Teabags

Two Packets of Tissues

Super Soft Blanket/Throw

Battery Operated Bedside Light plus Batteries

AAA Batteries

E45 Cream

Woven Cool Food Bag

Powerseed ® Rainbow, Portable Power Bank

The Body Shop Hand & Nail Cream

So as you can see this particular hamper contains so many great things!

If you want to read more about the company you can do so here.

Sarah x

There is only one thing I love more than Soap & Glory body products and that is their make up range! I have been using their mascara for so many years now and I was excited to see this face palette had been released.

The great thing about this palette is that it contains all the products you could ever need to accentuate your face on top of bare skin or your favourite foundation.

It contains:

1 bronzer

1 blusher

1 highlighter

3 eyeshadows

You can mix and match the colours to create your own unique shade or use them as intended.  No harm ever came of putting highlighter on your eyelids and eyeshadow as a bronzer 😉

Sarah x

I was lucky enough to be sent a few samples from Urban Veda to try. I had heard good things online about this brand so was excited to give these a go.

The purifying exfoliating facial polish – I used this every 3rd/4th day as this is what I usually do with any facial exfoliator. I found you only needed a small amount and after using it my face felt really clean and soft. This one is specific for oil prone skin and works well getting into your pores.

The purifying body wash smelt really good and I have used it several times so far. I was surprised how many uses I could get out of the sample. It lathered well and left me feeling clean – what more could you want from a body wash?!

The daily purifying facial wash – I used this daily and along with using the exfoliator I really felt like my skin wasn’t getting so oily. This range is great for anyone with oily/acne prone skin as it works really well cleaning deep into your pores and leaving your skin clean and smooth.

Sarah x