Let’s face it, as women we can worry a lot about a lot of things, am I right? We can worry about anything from money, our careers, our livelihoods, our families, motherhood, getting pregnant. In truth anyone of us can worry about anything, but men are perceived to not worry or let things get to them. Or so it may seems. You see men worry about all sorts, some very similar to us, and some you may be surprised to read.

I always think it is a good idea to be more aware of what our partner, boyfriend, or husband could be worried about, as it can help you to function through life itself as a team. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the biggest worries men can have, and perhaps it could enlighten you to how the man in your life could be feeling or worrying about right now.

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Hair loss

Hair loss is such a big worry for men. A lot of men get to a certain age and notice their hair thinning on the top or they begin to get a receding forehead where more hair is worn away. Some men embrace it, but others really struggle with the hair loss and find that they start to lose their confidence over it. However, there are things you can do to help. You can consider taking a hormone that can boost the productivity of the growth of hair follicles. You can have a look online the cheapest we found was on websites like online pharmacies. You could also consider things like hair transplants or other surgery options to encourage the hair to grow back.

The midlife crisis

Surprisingly, it isn’t just women that worry about this, men do to. The midlife crisis is known to hit a lot of men, and some women, when they hit a certain age and start to question things in their lives. It might be that they are worried about what they have achieved in life, or feeling like they haven’t done enough. The common scenarios is that you a man will buy a sports car or fast motorbike, leave their partners for a younger model, and reinvest in their youth. But more commonly a midlife crisis can just be a worry of where their life is going and even things like if they are providing enough. It is a worry for men and something that should be discussed rather than bottled up.

Their bodies and putting weight on

Yes you read that right, men worry about their beach bodies as well. In all seriousness though, just as much as women can threat about their weight and putting on the pounds, so can men and it can be a huge confidence knock to their self esteem if they used to have a muscular body and now struggle to keep the weight off. Thankfully, a lot of men can be very disciplined when it comes to what they eat and the exercise that they take so it could be that this is an easy worry to fix.

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Not excelling in their career or not providing

Years ago, it used to be perceived that the man would supply the income for the family and be what is known as the main “breadwinner” but in today’s modern society this isn’t always the case anymore. Women have risen the rankings and taken some of the top jobs and now when it comes to their careers and providing for the family men are starting to see this as a huge concern for them when they reach a certain time in their lives. While it isn’t about being the main earner, it is important to feel satisfied with your own journey.

Their health

Health can also be a big worry for men, and their are some health concerns particularly things like prostate cancer that can only affect a man that can be a huge worry to them. The health and their future health can be a concern as again men worry about being a main provider for their family or being the constant and solid entity of it. There are other health issues men worry about and now mental health is in the spotlight as lot more thanks to news and even major TV shows dealing with the raw subjects of mental health. However, it is now more common than ever before for men to come forward and speak about dealing with mental health issues. Years ago it just wouldn’t be spoken about, but with suicide rates rising more men are coming forward with their worries and concerns. It is definitely a huge step in the right direction, but will still be a worry for men to consider feeling and handling it.

Being a good father, husband and/or partner

Sometimes when it comes to matters of the family, it may seem that only women worry and get stressed about motherhood and parenting, and everything that comes with being apart of a family such as relationships and making time for every aspect of it. However, men worry about this to. They can worry about their relationship, whether they are good enough, but the big concern to them is whether or not they are or will be a good father. Perhaps not having a decent role model to look back on or simply wanting to be different, men struggle with this, and can also find it hard if the relationship breaks down and trying to be there for their family.

Money troubles

Finally, money can be one of the biggest stresses and worries people have these days and men more so than women can find that they are worrying about it on a daily basis. Ensuring they have enough to provide for their family and pay all of the bills, and keeping things afloat when money is tight or life throws a curveball. It is definitely one of the major worries a man can have and one that is always going to be an underlying factor of life.

I hope that this has made you more aware of some of the issues many men can face and worries that they have. We perhaps have more in common than we may once thought.

Sarah x

One thing I hate about this time of year, constantly having to shave my legs if I want to wear shorts or a dress. No matter how hard I tried, I would always cut myself or miss a patch. if I survived the bathroom ordeal I would then come out in bumps/a rash. I tried to only shave them once a week but with this weather and wanted to get my legs out I really needed to take control and invest in a better razor/ shaving regime.

I had read a lot of great things about Friction Free Shaving online and wanted to try it myself. You buy the original box with everything you need in and then can subscribe and pick how often you are sent new razor blades or the shaving products.

FFS gift set


  • Your choice of Shaviour, the world’s first metal razor designed especially for women.
  • Free engraving of your choice.
  • Our award winning Shave Cream, packed with moisturising Manuka honey, Shea butter and coconut oil.
  • Our Pre Shave Scrub, a gentle and all natural exfoliate made using the husk of walnuts.
  • Our Post Shave Balm, which provides deep hydration to soothe and condition your skin.
  • Four German-engineered razor refills, each with 6 diamond-coated steel blades and a styling bikini blade.
  • Shower hook and blade cover.

You can pick between two colours: Rose(rose gold) or Silvia(silver).

I went for Rosa and had it engraved with “Trademark”.


In the box you receive a great brochure that explains each step and what each product does. It really is a great set.

I don’t usually scrub before I shave, but I followed the steps in my box and not only were my legs super smooth and it did a better job than my usual razor, I found my legs wern’t sore at all and they felt really moisturised. I would recommend this to anyone that struggles with shaving usually as it really has changed things for me 🙂

Sarah x

When I decided to eat a vegan diet, the biggest thing I was worried about was what snacks would I have?! I could cope with what I would have for my meals and as I adjusted I have a lot of meat replacements but the most difficult transition was snacks. I didn’t want to just eat fruit, I wanted to try different crisps or biscuits and things.

Hawkers very kindly sent me a few bags of their soya and potato snacks to try. They come in a great range of flavours: cheese and onion, sweet chilli, salt and vinegar, smokey barbecue.

They are all gluten free as well which is great as I know a lot of people that suffer with gluten allergies. They are all less than 100 calories per pack too so make a great snack for between meals. I find I always get hungry about 3pm at work and want something that will keep me going until dinner time so these are ideal to keep in my draw at work.

My favourite was the sweet chilli flavour. They are all quite tasty but this one had to be my top choice. I quite like the texture of them too. They are far more exciting than a bag of crisps and better for you 🙂

Do you have a go to afternoon snack?

Sarah xx

I never knew you could buy personalised wrapping paper, it is so cool! I came across Pretty Gifted and thought it was amazing.

For £7.95 you can design your own wrapping paper and there are so many options to pick form. I went for:

Paper Colour: pearlescent
Foil Colour: rainbow
Font: candy
Font Size: large

It only took a couple of minutes to design and within a few days it arrvied and came complete with a tag and gel pen to use 🙂

It was so easy to use their website and you can pick every single detail, from the background colour to the font and of course what you want it to say.

I will definitely be using this site again 🙂

Sarah x

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know a few months ago I decided to adopt a dairy free diet and then transitioned to eating a vegan diet. The easiest way to go vegan for me was to eat “meat alternatives” whilst I made the change. I am slowing eating more fruit and veg and trying lots of foods I had never heard of before. It is important when making a drastic diet change that you ensure you are doing it the correct way for your body and that your body is getting the nutrients it needed.

I had spent months researching online about the vegan diet and something that took my interest was the vegan tests that HealthLabs.com offers. They are a company based in the USA that can offer two different types of tests, one for vegans and one for non-vegans. The test for vegans will check for any nutrient deficiencies that those with a plant-based diet are more susceptible to. The test for non-vegans will look for any allergies to animal-derived products, which may encourage a diet change. I really wish they offered these in the UK and it is such a shame they don’t. I think it is still a good idea for me to maybe go to the doctors to discuss my diet and see if they can do any tests similar to this?!

I do believe that dairy was affecting my body in a negative way but at the same time, my family are concerned that I am not getting the correct vitamins and nutrients. I do plan to not be so much a junk food vegan as some may say and try to eat a lot more fruit a veg.

I did contact the company to try to find out more information and they very kindly offered a discount code, so if you are based in the USA and want go ahead you can quote “SARAHTRADEMARK” for 25% off. If you want to find out more about there is a really interesting article here.

Are any of you vegan? Have you had any allergy or deficiency tests?

Sarah x