I have previously reviewed a Globenfeld watch here and I think they are such great quality for the price! This one also came from Amazon and you can’t really go wrong with this brand.

The watch was £59.99 and you pick from three different faces: black, blue or white. I think the white will go with everything but stands out a lot more than the black.


Net weight 230g
Case diameter 51mm
Thickness 17.5mm

Water Resistant 30 M
12/24 time format
Day, date and month features
Alarm and chime
Stop watch
Watch back light function for night vision

I think you can agree its both stylish and functional. Do you always wear a watch?

My husband Nick wears one every day so it is nice to have a few to pick from!

Sarah x

How fun do shower foams  and cream foams sound? I got my hands on a couple from Bilou and I am in love. The scent I have been using is fizzy berry and smells amazing.
The two I tried are:
Gentle Cream Foam (RRP £3.99) 
The bilou cream foam is a nourishing foam lotion providing intense moisture and leaving skin feeling silky smooth. For gentle, effective body care.Creamy Shower foam (RRP £3.99) The bilou shower foam is an extra creamy foam for a gentle body wash.
The bilou range at Superdrug includes a total of nine different products. There are five scents for the popular shower foams, two cream foams (a body lotion in foam form) and two of the innovative “2in1 Bodysprays”, which function as both a perfume and deodorant.
The creamy shower foam is so fun to use and you hardly need anything as it foams so well and is really easy to use and wash with. I was unsure about using a cream foam at first but its pretty cool. It is simple to use and soaks in well and leaves you smelling amazing!
Sarah x

I wanted to share with you the latest Jelly Belly release as I think the app is so fun and the mixed emotions flavours are so good!

Jelly Belly Launches Emojis in a New Free Mobile App

Users can choose from 45 branded Jelly Belly stickers including Mixed Emotions faces and favourite flavours of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

App features:

·         45 branded Jelly Belly stickers comprised of Mixed Emotions Jelly Belly beans, Mixed Emotions recipes and favourite Jelly Belly jelly beans.

o   Mixed Emotions Jelly Belly beans include Happy, Angry, Playful, Sad and Love.

o   Mixed Emotions recipes feature a combination of emotions associated with universal experiences such as:

1 Sad + 1 Angry + 1 Love = Series Finale

1 Happy + 1 Playful = Summer Holiday

o   Popular Jelly Belly bean flavours such as Bubble Gum and Very Cherry are featured.

·         Slider to change the stickers’ size from small to large.

·         Can be used with text message, email and social media.

Flavour meets feeling in new Mixed Emotions Collection of Jelly Belly jelly beans

“We’ve toyed with connecting feelings and flavours in various ways in the past,” explained Rob Swaigen, vice president of global marketing for Jelly Belly. “Emojis are a big part of how we communicate with each other through text, social media and in email, and their popularity gave new life to this idea.”

Traditionally, Jelly Belly jelly beans are stamped with the Jelly Belly name in white food colouring. In the Mixed Emotions Collection, instead of the logo, the Jelly Belly beans are stamped with a matching face to represent one of five feelings:

·         Happy tastes like refreshing Lemon on a sunny day

·         Playful teases the taste buds with Sour Apple

·         Angry sears like Hot Cinnamon

·         Sad envelops you in Berry Blue

·         Love warms the soul with Bubble Gum


** Information supplied by Jelly Belly **

Do you like Jelly beans? What do you think about food companies creating apps/games like this?

Sarah x

My hair has been through some terrible times recently. I am forever changing it and trying to bleach it or fade it out ready for the next colour change, meaning my hair gets in an awful condition. I am always trying to grow my hair and hate cutting it, I am pretty sure it just breaks of by itself half the time.

I use so many products to try and improve the condition but often they can be too harsh for my hair. The last few weeks I have been using some more natural products as I am taking a break from bleaching/dying so I can concentrate on having healthier hair and trying to grow it.

The two products I am using at the moment are from Pure Potions and are great for anyone with a sensitive scalp or anyone wanting to use more natural products and not harsh chemicals on their head/hair. They literally don;t contain any parabens or perfume or anything that can be bad!

After using them my hair feels clean and soft, it doesn’t feel weighed down like it can with some conditioners. I wouldn’t say it has made my hair fade from blue particularly and I am used to it fading slightly with every wash anyway even if I use colour protecting products. I am pretty impressed with both products and you only need a small amount too which helps make the tubes last longer.

Pure potions also do a great range of skincare so if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis they may be worth checking out!

Sarah x

One thing I really enjoy in the evenings is to burn a scented candle, either in the living room whilst relaxing watching tv or in the bedroom as you are settling down to go to sleep.

The two candles I have been loving at the moment are:

Crabtree & Evelyn – Wanderlust Dream

I have always been a fan of Crabtree & Evelyn hand products but never tried any of their candles or diffusers before. This candle is 200g so pretty big and the jar is so simple and stylish you can either show the logo and candle name or turn it round for a plain side.

This one is so relaxing and I have it next to my bed to burn for half an hour before I plan to drift of the sleep. it is so calming and helps me to relax and get to sleep better.

This scent is described as “Dream away to your hearts content with the beautiful essences in this luxurious fragranced candle designed to fill your bedroom with enchantment. A balance of feminine florals and woody masculine notes create ambient layers of sophistication. Powdery violet and geranium blend with earthier hints of iris and cinnamon leaf. Incense like spice notes of elemi pricked with aromatic pink pepper, warm cedarwood and smooth tobacco add a mellow dreamy mood.”

Brinley Williams – Fairy Dust

With the Brinley Williams candles you can personalize what the jar says or pick from a variety of options. Once you have done this you can then select what scent you prefer:

Amber Noir, Wild Jasmine, Spring Breeze, Parma Violet, Fairy Dust, Mocca, Fresh Verbena, Pure Vanilla, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Black Pomegranate, Fig & Cassis & Festive Spice.

I think it is great you can personalize them. Mine says: All you need is love, and handbags and shoes. It is a great size (230g) and I have used it a handful of times in the evenings and it hasn’t really gone down too much so it will last for ages 🙂

The fairy dust scent is very sweet and is described as “A stunning powdery soft floral fragrance. A stunning powdery soft floral signature balances night blooming jasmine with fresh cassis, while hints of ozone create a shimmering effect. Complex musk tones intertwine with rare woods and a hint of vanilla at the base of the scent. Simply dreamy.”

Do you have a favourite candle?

Sarah x