Crabtree & Evelyn are one of my favourite hand care and skincare brands. Their products are luxurious but also affordable and you know they are always smell great 🙂

They have recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Gardeners range, I think this range is a great idea. It can be aimed at male or female but is specifically for people that use their hands a lot and need a bit more TLC.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Exfoliating soap

This beautiful smelling soap exfoliates as you use it, which is great to get your hands extra clean and get rid of any stubborn dirt. I love the packaging of this with all of the gardening equipment on – it is so cute!

Intensive all-purpose balm

This balm is great for rough, dry or chapped skin. Often after doing a lot of work with your hands you can develop dry patches between your fingers or sore patched around your cuticles. This balm is is a great go to product to try and fix any issues and revive your skin.

Ultra-moisturising hand therapy

I love these hand creams, they are the perfect size to carry about with you and you only need a tiny amount to leave your hands feeling super soft. The hand cream is non greasy and soaks in quickly.

Sarah x


My husband recently decided it was time to invest in some more stylish clothes, rather than wearing the same thing day in and day out so we got our hands on a few key pieces from the Hammond and Co range in Debenhams.

Debenhams is a great clothing store as it has so many concessions to choose from, both in store and online. Hammond and Co is a brand neither of us had heard from before but we were really impressed with their variety of clothes and also with the price.

Jeans range from £45-£60 which is a decent price for a good pair of jeans. The ones Nick has are the navy blue slim fit. As you can see, they fit really well, not too tight as often slim fit trousers and jeans can be a little too slim!

The shirt is ideal to be worn either to work with smart trousers or even with smart jeans (depending on your jobs dress code!) or i can be worn casual at the weekend when going out, either buttoned up or open with a t shirt underneath. The shirt feels a very soft material and is lightweight to wear. The shirts range from £30-£40 and they have a lot of more fitted smart shirts too.

The blue bomber jacket is in the sale at the moment for £56 which I think is reasonable for a jacket. Bomber jackets have come back into fashion recently and I even got myself a black silk looking one a few weeks back!

As well as this jacket, Nick wanted to get his hands on something else lightweight to wear as the weather gets better. Debenhams have such a great variety of coats and jackets here.

Sarah x


Having such knotty and damaged hair I have to be so careful with whatever I use to brush my hair. When wet I had been using my wet hair shower brush but as I leave that in the bathroom I wanted a new hairbrush to use after I have washed my hair.

Tangle angel

I love the design with the angel wings on and I love how similar it is to other tangle brushes but it has a handle to make it easier to hold! You can use it on dry or wet hair and you don’t need to worry about it tugging or hurting, it is so lovely to use and really helps to de-tangle my hair.

Tangle angel

The brush is also so easy to clean. I always used to forget to clean my old one regularly but its so so important!

The Tangle Angel comes in so many colours they would be great for anyone of any age 🙂

Sarah x


I change my hair so often that unfortunately I have lost a lot of length due to it being damaged and having to cut off all of the split ends! The only answer was to get my hands on some hair extensions!

I have tried a wig from Hot Hair before, you can read my post here, but that was when I had a normal colour in my hair!

The problem with having un-naturally dyed hair is I would never be able to find the right colour match, but I decided to give it a go by dying them myself!

The ones I ordered were the 8 piece 19 inch human hair clip ins, I went for the shade 101 pearl platinum as my own hair was bleached white/blonde before I dyed it. I also picked up a Tange Teezer wet hair shower brush to help brush them after I had washed the dye out.

As you can see, you get loads of hair in the pack! I actually ended up only using 6 of the 8 pieces once dying them all. 

To dye them, I mixed up my dyes (the same as I would to dye my own hair), I used 3 different colours, a more navy for the roots, going into a blue turquoise and then green for the tips. As you can see I laid a towel on the bathroom floor as this can get messy!

I dyed each piece one at a time, making sure it was fully saturated with dye.

Once they were all done, I left them for 30 mins and then washed out the dye carefully, I then hung them up to dry after roughly blow drying them.

As you can see they turned out so well! As the clips are light because the original hair was blonde, you can take a sharpie or similar permanent marker and draw over them to change the colour if you feel the need to.

Here are some pics of before and after, excuse the fact I have no make up on (I did this the evening they arrived as I was impatient and couldn’t wait!)

You can see the length of my natural hair and how there isn’t any green on the ends (not yet anyway!)

Look at the difference they make! The colour match turned out so well and they blend in great. I am so impressed by how soft they feel too!

I think it is great being able to dye them as well so you can get the perfect colour match or use them to add another colour into your hair.

You can see from the back how long they are! I have so many different shades of blue in my hair as you can see, but they match really well.

Overall, I am so happy with these extensions. I plan on trimming them slightly and layering them into my hair for a more natural look as they are very long compared to my natural hair.

For a more permanent look you can buy tape online which you can attach to the hair to create tape in extensions rather than clip in. This is something I may look into because as easy as clip ins are, I would love to wear them all the time and it will also help the extensions fade colour at the same rate as my natural hair if they were washed as often. 

Hoping to stay blue/green for a while and embrace my inner mermaid 🙂

Sarah x