I recently got my hands on some of my fave chocolate bars from www.discount-supplements.co.uk. As I am trying to get fitter and changed to high protein diet I wanted to try these as often protein bars don’t taste very nice but I mean who wouldn’t want one that tasted like chocolate?!

protein bars

At first I thought, oh I bet I doesn’t taste like the real thing, but you would be surprised! In the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t and I am not sure if that clouded my judgement as I feel they didn’t taste EXACTLY like the real thing but it was pretty close!

Definitely give these a go if you are trying a high protein diet but love your chocolate bars too much to give them up 😉 My favourite had to be the snickers one.

Sarah x


I LOVE things from The Body Shop. Their tee tree range is one of my favourites and their body butters are just amazing. I always love trying new releases from them. The newest one is the Almond milk and honey range which I have recently been using.

The Body Shop: Almond Milk & Honey

This range is great for anyone like me that has sensitive or dry skin. I often struggle with body products as a lot of them irritate my skin but this range is so gentle and hydrating.

The soothing and caring cleansing bar is a great product to use in the bath or shower if you want to feel clean but are worried about drying out your skin with regular soap. As this cleans you, it leaves you super soft and moisturised.

The shower cream is very similar to the above but instead of a bar it is more of a shower gel(some people prefer this to a bar). It smells great and leaves your skin feeling really soft.

The calming and protecting hand cream is a great size to carry around with you or leave in your desk drawer. It soaks in quickly and really nourishes your hands.

The body butter, one of my favourite products. It is great for any dry places, knees elbows etc and really does soak in quickly and leaves you feeling moisturised.

Sarah x


Crabtree and Evelyn’s range La Source has been around for as long as I remember. I was always a massive fan of the foot scrub and cream but after noticing it has been reinvented I decided to try some of the other products in the range too.

Crabtree & Evelyn: La Source

The warming foot smoother is your one product, go to feet perfecter. It leaves your feet literally feeling amazing like you have just had a fancy spa treatment on them! Rub it in to wet feet and it starts heating up and exfoliates your feet, it also leaves them really soft 🙂

The overnight hand therapy is amazing to use just before bed, so it can work its magic on your hands overnight. It is quite a thick cream but it soaks in well and by morning you can really feel a difference. Your hands feel much softer and nourished.

The moisturising soap is a great alternative to shower gel. I never really used to use soap on my body as I found it quite drying but recently I actually prefer to use them. This particular one is really kind to your skin and moisturising too. I love anything with shea butter in!

Sarah x


Bidvine is a great website that you use to find a local plumber, photographer, cleaner, guitar teacher, yoga instructor, pretty much whatever help you need.


I used the website to help a family member look for a wedding photographer. The site asks you some questions to find out more about what you are looking for and then you hear back from them with several options. If you decide to use the service, you can also leave a review, to then help other people that are thinking about using the same company/person.


To chose the service of a wedding photographer it asked a few important questions, some being: 

Would you also like engagement photos?

In what formats would you like your images?

What is your estimated budget for the photographer’s services and images?

How many hours will you require the photographer on site?

It is important you take the time to fill out your answers accurately so they can recommend the best to suit. Different questions are asked depending on the service, but it is important they know your budget and how soon you require the service.

The website itself is really easy to navigate and to understand. You can search by category and everything is very eye-catching and colourful.

I would definitely recommend it as I think its a really helpful site and I would rather use something like this than just search on google as it is more trustworthy and I feel a lot safer.  

If you want to find out more about the site and how it works you can click here.  

Sarah x


The Soap Kitchen is UK based company that produce a wide range of handmade products that would be great as a gift or a treat for yourself/someone you love.

the soap kitchen

This sample pack contains a variety of their products:
Lavender fields soap, foam wash and moisturising cream
Rose geranium soap, foam wash and moisturising cream

It is a great way to try a range of their products before committing to full sizes. Products like this are also great if you travel and need smaller sizes!

The soaps are very moisturising and lovely to use, as well as smelling great. I prefer the lavender one as this is my favourite scent.

The foam wash can be use on your face or body and also as a bubble bath so it is a great addition. A little goes a long way with the washes and it feels very gentle to use.

The moisturising creams can be used on the hands, face and body. I have popped one in my handbag as it is a great multipurpose product. Even though they contain oil, they soak in quickly and it is a non greasy formula.

The sample pack will soon be available to purchase online at www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk

Sarah x