At the end of January I received my package to start the Protein World 30 day challenge.  was excited and scared. I have put on nearly two stone since meeting Nick (almost four years ago) and it is about time I did something about it!

Protein World : 30 day challenge

I didn’t do this plan to become muscly and the next Instagram gym hero, I did it because I am unhappy with my body and want to get fitter.

I received: 

Slender blend powder


Hunger buster capsules

Fat metaboliser capsules

30 day challenge booklet

I tried my best to stick to the plan as much as I could, I didn’t do the exact exercises in the book as often I did not have time, or it was not something I felt comfortable doing, but instead I have been using my exercise bike most days.

Protein World : 30 day challenge

The first few days were difficult as I was really watching what I was eating and I was having the slender blend to replace lunch but I soon got used to it and after 30 days I managed to lose 7lbs, so half a stone. 

I am a lot happy as now my tighter trousers fit me and my stomach feels smaller and not so bloated. Even though I feel better I still have a long way to go and I don’t feel happy enough to do a before and after of my body.

I think this plan is a really good idea for anyone wanting to make that change. I have already bought another tub of the slender blend as I am quite enjoying having it for lunch! 

Protein World : 30 day challenge

The recipes/meal plans in the booklet are really good too, lots of great snacking ideas I never though of (I am now addicted to peanut butter as it isn’t actually that bad for you?!)

I would definitely recommend the chocolate flavour slender blend and porridge 😉 Having the porridge for breakfast fills me up until lunch time, usually I am snacking again by 9am! I think by having these high protein/low calorie replacements it really has helped, but I think you really need to work out too. I mostly did my exercise bike, but if I stuck to the plan in the book I think I probably would have lost more weight and became more toned but I just want to take it easy and slowly. I am in no rush, and it is easier to do slowly.

Protein World : 30 day challenge

I wasn’t too sure about taking the tablets if I am honest, I take enough medication from the doctors for migraines/skin etc I didn’t want to pump my body with more so I didn’t take them. A friend of mine decided to take them and let me know how it went. She said that she felt they made a difference, especially taking the hunger buster ones before meals, she then wasn’t wasting so much so they obviously work!

I am going to continue trying to exercise daily and to have the slender blend and hopefully notice more of a difference in another month!

At the moment you can buy this for £72 which may sound a lot but in reality it replaces two meals a day and if you think what you usually spend on breakfast/lunch I think it works out cheaper 😉 More info abut the chocolate one can be found here.

Protein World : 30 day challenge

You can also use the slender blend in different recipes, not just as a drink if you prefer, so you can pretty much tailor the whole plan to suit you.

Sarah x


I love trying new hair products. For me, my hair is one of my most important features. I change my hair colour every few months and it is currently bright red/pink and purple, so whatever I use need to be colour safe as I am trying to keep it vibrant (until I want to change it!)

I have been trying a new range called CO by Andrew Collinge.

CO by Andrew Collinge

Hair moisturiser


What is a hair moisturiser?! If I am honest I wasn’t too sure either! It basically does as it says and it moisturises your hair. You apply it on to damp hair to help detangle and smooth out your hair and at the same time it is kind of like a spray/ leave in conditioner. You can also use it before you straighten your hair as a heat protector. It is great to hydrate your damaged ends and to help protect your hair from any future damage! Smells good too 🙂

Volume mousse


Mousse is something I never really used much, but it is great if you want that tousled curl that will hold. In the past I have been put off using a mousse as I found them to be very sticky to use but this one is made with a non sticky formula and actually really easy to use. You just apply it to damp hair and then style your hair. 

Invisible dry shampoo


I am a dry shampoo addict. Anyone with un natural coloured hair will understand the pain of washing your hair and watching the colour run down the drain! I really like my colour at the moment and want to keep it looking bright and fresh for as long as possible, meaning washing my hair as little as I can get away with. Dry shampoo is my best friend.

I have tried a few different ones in the past, ones that end up looking like bright white powder, coloured ones, clear ones that feel sticky like hairspray, I have honestly tried about ten different ones!

I have been using this one for a couple of weeks now to give it a good go and I really like it. With dry shampoo I find it better to apply the night before so it has time to soak up excess oil overnight(sorry, gross I know!). I feel like this one also gives a good amount of volume as often when your hair is greasy it can look really flat at the roots. It doesn’t leave any white powder residue which is a massive bonus 🙂

CO by Andrew Collinge

Argan oil


I love trying different oils and serums as my hair is so damaged from having to bleach it to pretty much white so I can then put a bright colour on it. I am also trying to grow my hair so have only had the smallest trim(probably should have had a few inches off!).

I really like the pump bottle, I find it easy to dispense the required amount, a little really does go a long way with this! It smells really nice and with serums I like to put a little on after I have towel dried my hair, so when it is still slightly damp and also if my hair feels really dry I will put a little on before wet(on dry hair, not wet).

Sarah x


As I am trying to eat better and incorporate healthier snacks into my life, 

I decided to give the Get Fruity bars a go.

There are so many different flavours available I just couldn’t decide what to try so went for a mixture!

get fruity

The best thing about these bars is the fact they are the perfect snack. You can pop one in your lunch box, hand bag, in the car, even in your pocket!

They are gluten and dairy free which is a massive bonus as I have a slight intolerance to both of these! They are suitable for vegans too and have no added sugar, so they are pretty much something everyone can eat!

The bars are all made by blending oats with fruit, so it is one of your fave a day(big thumbs up). 

I am really impressed with the large range of flavours, the first one I tried was the moist mixed berry. I usually don’t eat berries as I don’t like the texture of them and the seeds, so usually to try and up my fruit intake I blend everything into smoothies, so it was nice to actually be able to eat something good for you and it taste good.

I like the texture of the bars with the fruit and the oats, and they are quite filling 🙂

The raspberry and strawberry bars were so yummy too, I think the berry ones are my favourites. 

The pineapple, coconut and lime had a taste I cant really describe. I am so used to blending lots of fruit together for my smoothies that I like having multiple flavours in one, so this was really nice and refreshing almost.

You can buy them in places like Tesco and Co Op, as well as online (if you want to buy a box of 25 you can get them direct from

I think I am pretty much hooked on these now as my afternoon snack at work 😉

Sarah x


I recently came across the Perfect Pamper Box, which is a subscription box that you can buy once, or subscribe to for 3 or 6 months. It is an amazing idea and I was so excited when my box arrived!

Perfect Pamper Box

It is so exciting opening something when you have no idea what is inside!

Perfect Pamper Box

It really is a pamper treat, fit for a princess. It came packaged so beautifully too.

Perfect Pamper Box

In my box I received:

Pomegranate and Vitamin E face mask

Blackcurrant blitz smoothie cube

Candyfloss and mallow handmade soap bar

Whole lot of love bath bomb

Luxury cotton face towel

Perfect Pamper Box

I think this is a great treat that you can buy yourself, or someone in need of a pamper session. There is such a variety of items inside and each month is different. You also receive a card explaining what everything is and how to use it.

My favourite product from this box had to be the bath bomb, I LOVE having baths and bath bombs,I think they are the best invention ever. This one looks like a rose and it smells so so good. 

The face towel came in really handy and it is something everyone will use. 

I really enjoyed using the face mask too, its another thing I like to do when having a pamper session. My skin always feels so nice after a good mask!

I haven’t used the soap bar yet as I want to use it for decoration in my bathroom as it is so pretty 🙂 I also haven’t had a chance to use the smoothie cube, but it sounds really cool, you jut rub it over yourself in the bath to make you all soft.

I would definitely recommend these pamper boxes, whether you want to get one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, for £12 you can’t go wrong 🙂

Sarah x


This manicure kit literally contains everything you need!

Kiss manicure kit

Contains: nail scissors, nail brush, nail clippers, cuticle nipper, 4-way buffer, 3 emery boards, cuticle pusher, double-sided nail file, double-sided metal nail file, 3 manicure sticks and it all comes in a handy pouch!

Kiss manicure kit

I have just sat down for half an hour and sorted out my nails, and toe nails, and so happy with how easy everything in the set is to use.

I prefer to use an emery board to a metal file, so after after using the clippers, I then filed my nails neatly and buffed them all. It is important to push your cuticles back too, not only so they look neat but also to help your nails grow.

We often neglect our nails and hands, buts something that get used daily, your nails get broken, your hands chapped, they take a battering! It is so so important to have a bit of “me” time and look after your nails!

Sarah x