I was really excited to receive some natural colas from www.thejuiceshedcompany.com in the post as I usually drink a can of cola with my lunch but I know how unhealthy it can be for you but I just love the taste and can’t give it up.

Juicy fuel cola

Oh my, I tried the red one first. I didn’t really know what to expect but the fact it doesn’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavours or anything I was expecting it to not taste too good as often healthy alternatives just don’t taste right but I was so so wrong. It tastes really yummy and just as good as Coca cola or Pepsi but it is a much healthier option.

The cans are a good size(250ml) so are easy to pop in your bag if you want one on the go! As it is a healthy option they actually claim you can count it as one of your 5 a day (big bonus!)

The purple one is a cherry version and is unlike anything I have every tasted, it is so yummy I honestly can’t believe it could be good for you haha.

Mix either of them with Vodka and your alcoholic drink suddenly became good for you 😉

Sarah x


Have you ever tried Fairy Dust from Lush? This magical powder always makes an appearance at Christmas and I always make sure to stock up!

Lush fairy dust

The dusting powder is meant to be sprinkled on your skin, to give you that amazing shimmer and leaving you smelling amazing (It is the same scent as snow fairy which everyone seems to love!)

But as well as putting it on your skin, you can pretty much do what you like with it! In the past, when I had pink hair I used it as dry shampoo, it left my roots clean and smelling amazing, with a tiny hint of shimmer in the light.

Another great thing is that you can sprinkle some on the carpet before you hoover and it leaves your house smelling so so good!

I wonder what else I can do with it?!

Sarah x


I keep seeing videos pop up on Youtube and Facebook of these *amazing* black face masks so I thought it was about time I tried one out!

shills black mask

I decided to give the Shills black mask a go, I was a little scared at first as it looks like gloopy black tar as you squeeze it out the tube but I used an old foundation brush to help me apply it evenly to my face and I let it work its magic.

shills black mask

After about half an hour I started to peel it off, I peeled it slowly as it was quite stiff and I didn’t want it to hurt but surprisingly it felt ok removing it, but, oh my, I had not realised hoe many blackheads I had until I saw them on the mask, gross. You know when you do a pore strip on your nose and you look after to see what it had removed, it is like that, over your whole face!

Not going to gross you out with pictures but it was pretty impressive and my skin feels so amazingly clean after.

If you want to give it a go you can buy it from www.justbeauty.co.uk

Sarah x


This isn’t something I thought I needed until I saw someone post about it online and I thought ooooh yeh I better get on of those!

A lot of us carry round expensive make up with us, but one drop and that’s it your whole palette could be ruined, eyeshadows broken, mirror broken etc.

Make up storage

The wonderful Keeping Elegance have created a handy carry case, perfect to keep your Urban Decay naked palettes safe in!

Make up storage

Make up storage

You can buy them online here and I think it is such a great concept. You buy a case for your phone, iPad etc but you don’t think about protecting your make up you have just spent a lot of money on?!

Sarah x