Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My new Sensse facial brush

The last few weeks I have been using the SENSSE Go! Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush and Exfoliator to see if using a brush rather than just using my cleanser on my hands would make a difference.

SENSSE Go! Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush and Exfoliator

The Sensse go comes with two different heads: sensitive brush head or exfoliating brush head. I would advise using the sensitive one daily and then the exfoliating once or twice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. I found this worked well for me :)

The brush comes with a charger and each charge lasts approx 180 uses which is a lot! This means it is good to use at home or you can take it travelling if needed. As it is waterproof you can use it in the shower or bath if you prefer to wash your face in there rather than over the sink.

After using the brush for a week I really started to notice a difference. It makes your skin so much cleaner than you ever could by washing it just with your hands and your favourite cleanser as it pulsates and really helps get the product in to your pores and really cleans them out! 

I found the design of the brush really easy to hold and to move around my face. I also really like the colour of the device.

I would really recommend one of these as they are only £39.99 which is really reasonable compared to other facial brushes out there. It is great to get into a routine of using this daily and using this with some of my new acne products I have really noticed a difference in the amount of breakouts I have and my skin is really starting to clear up.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Goldfaden MD

My acne has been causing me all sorts of grief recently. I had it under control and cam off my acne medication and cut down on dairy in my diet and my skin was looking really good but then it just got really bad again. I am having so many make up free days now as I am trying to help it recover but I wasn't even sure if that was working.Not matter what skincare I was using it either didn't do anything or it was too harsh and made it worse. i decided to stop messing around trying lots of different things and gave the Goldfaden facial wash a go as well as the facial detox mask.

Goldfaden MD

I have been using these two for a good few weeks now along with a couple of other products that I have always used, so these are the only things I have changed. 

After using the facial wash for a few days I started to notice I wasn't getting any new breakouts and my skin was feeling really soft and clean from using this just once a day. It feels really kind and gentle to your skin as often acne specific products can be really drying and harsh but this was just what I needed. 

I also used the detox mask twice a week to give my face that extra deep cleanse. It really soothed my skin as well as getting deep into the pores to give my skin a good deep clean and to help get rid of dead skin cells and blocked pores.

I am so impressed by these products and so glad I found them as they really have helped with my skin.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Hello Paper Lover

Hands up if you like cute stationery? Did you put your hand up?! Haha. This monthly subscription from Hello Paper Lover is only £10/month (the relaunch price will be £5/month) and last months pack had the cutest mermaid inspired card in!

Hello Paper Lover

In the pack you get a mixture of different sized cards and envelopes as well as a notebook. This theme was sea/mermaids and I loved it!

You can see some of the past packs here. The brand is re launching at soon so make sure you sign up and give it a go :)


Monday, 7 August 2017

Dr Zaks

I am trying to share a few more foodie posts with you recently. I wanted to tell you a bit about a brand I hadn't tried before called Dr Zaks. They make tasty snacks that are high in protein so really good for you if you are a gym buff or trying to eat healthier.

The past few weeks I have really tried to cut out fatty snacks and work out more to try and improve my fitness and become a bit more toned. it is so hard to give up snacks though. This is where Dr Zaks snacks come in handy!

The cookies taste amazing and are high in protein but low in sugar and fat. They are really filling and are great as a snack after exercising(instead of a protein shake) or to just snack on during the day. My favourite is the triple chocolate, it tastes naughty like it is meant to be bad for you haha. The protein helps keep you fuller for longer :)

They also have a great range of protein clusters. The fruit and yogurt ones are my favourite The bag is only 128 calories and is such a handy snack to keep in your bag or desk draw. I have really noticed that by having high protein snacks I am not snacking as often as I am fuller for longer and bu limiting my snacks as well as exercising regularly I have really noticed a difference.

You can buy their products at a ton of online stores. 


Friday, 4 August 2017

Hempz : Pomegranate sugar body scrub

I do love a good full body scrub now and again. It is important to get rid of any dead skin cells and to have an exfoliate at least once a week.

Hempz : Pomegranate sugar body scrub

My current scrub of choice is this beautiful smelling one from Hempz. It is harsh enough to give you a good ol' scrubbing but not too harsh that it leaves your skin sore. In the past I have tried scrubs that just end up making you red and sore and you wish you hadn't even bothered as your skin was better before but this one is just right. 

You feel so soft after using it it really does get rid of all the dead skin. I like the smell of this, it isn't too overpowering and it leaves you smelling really good :)


Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I have been struggling with my acne recently, so haven't really been trying any different skincare products as I worried it may make it worse but I have started using a few bits from DHC so wanted to share my views with you.


The face wash powder I have been using has actually helped clear up my skin a bit. It is kind of strange to use at first as you mix the powder with water to create a foam. It helps to cleanse and exfoliate to get rid of any dirt and old skin cells. It is not drying to the skin which is great.

The eye bright I have been using day and night and it makes me look a lot more awake. Even though I get a good amount of seep, I always end up looking tired and have dark circles, so this has really helped, especially as I am trying to have more make up free days whilst I try to clear my acne.

For the days I do wear make up, I have been using velvet skin coat as primer. When you have acne, either current or scarring, it is often hard to cover it up with concealer or foundation and it can often end up looking worse. by using a primer it creates that barrier for easier, smoother application of any facial make up.

The lip cream is something I put on just before bed and I have noticed my lips look a lot better by morning and lipstick goes on a lot better if your lips are hydrated and not dry.

Really impressed with DHC and may need to try some other of their products!


Saturday, 29 July 2017

Argan Oil

I recently submitted a tip for 20 Essential and Effective Argan Oil Benefits & Tips From the UK's Leading Beauty Bloggers, so wanted to first of all share that with you, but also write a review on a bottle of argan oil from The Body Source.

My tip was: Argan oil is amazing for your hair. You can put it on damp hair after you wash it or put it on your hair once it’s dry, it really does improve your hair and leaves it silky smooth. My tip is to take it in the bathroom with you and after you shampoo, before you condition put a bit of oil on the tips of your hair. Once you have done this you can condition as normal. This seals it into your hair and leaves it feeling and smelling great! You can always use more after your hair has dried if needed.

I have been using this specific oil for a couple of weeks now and I have seen a massive improvement in my hair. It is easy to use, you only need a small amount and it leaves your hair super soft and feeling nourished.

I have really enjoyed this oil and my split ends seem to be looking better and my overall hair condition is a lot better. I am hoping by helping my hair it may grow a bit longer, rather than breaking off as it is so damaged :(


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dark Bunny Tees

I have featured Dark Bunny Tees on my blog before here and here and I think they are such an amazing clothing brand for TV/movie themed items.

They have many designs, ranging from Back To The Future, Top Gun, The Lego Movie, Kingsman and many more.

Dark Bunny Tees

They have a great variety for men, women and children but the T shirts I picked up are all from the women's range.

I chose a size M which is a UK 10/12 and a perfect fit. If you are looking for a more baggy t shirt I would go for a L or buy a mens one as these are meant to be a tight fit but I know some people like them baggier.

All of the shirts are good quality and wash well. I like how unique the designs are and they are all limited edition, you can really tell a lot of thought has gone into the designs. Read a bit more about how the company started here.