So we have had our kitten since the end of May. When he first arrived he was tiny and scared and just liked to hide in his bed. He has really come out of his shell now and he runs like a crazy cat all around the house like he owns the place!


He likes to loiter by the bath, even though he has fallen in a couple of times!


He likes to help me put the duvet in the cover.


Then he sits on the bed and rolls around *thank you mummy for making the bed for me*


He also likes to pretend he is a human waiting for food at our breakfast bar!

I really don’t remember what it was like to not have him now. He is the most adorable little kitty ever and I love nothing more than when he comes over and sits on my lap for a cuddle!

Sarah x


I was lucky enough to be sent a couple more products to try. I literally love this brand and all of the products I have tried so far!

They have a couple of new releases which are the contouring lip gloss in a few different shades and an eyelash treatment.

The shades I tired were Tender beige 05 and Sweet pink 04


As you can see, the lip glosses make my lips look quite full If you use the product regularly you will really be able to see a difference in the appearance of your lips!


I found that using the eyelash treatment before applying my mascara actually made my lashes look longer than just using mascara by itself. I have been using it quite regularly and have found on the days I don’t wear make up, my eyelashes look in a better condition.

You can also use the eyelash treatment to set your brows 😉

Sarah x


I am a massive Jurlique fan, my collection is growing as I fall more and more in love with their range. 

They are bringing out an exclusive offer to anyone that visits their counter at Debenhams Oxford Street. It starts Thursday 22nd(tomorrow!) and will run for 2 weeks.


If you purchase 2 facial skincare products you will receive the following as a FREE gift. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good free gift?!


The gift is valued at £65.00 and contains two of their best-selling products:

Rosewater Balancing Mist 50ml

Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum 30ml

There is also a sample of the Activating Water Essence in there!

I personally love the Rosewater balancing mist and use it on a daily basis. It is sat on my desk at work and I have a quick spray if my face starts to get hot throughout the day as it helps to calm and soothe my skin. It leaves your skin so so soft and refreshed 🙂

The Herbal recovery advanced serum is great to use before bed, it soaks in well and you can really see a difference after using it. It leaves my skin looking revitalised and feeling hydrated.

If you live near London and want to treat yourself then it is worth taking advantage of the offer.

I love the skin balancing face oil so give that a go if you are stuck on what to buy 😉

Sarah x


I have never really used Soap and Glory skincare before, usually always opt for their make up range or body stuff!

I have been very impressed with the make up remover and cleansing milk though 🙂

Soap and Glory skincare

The make up remover is amazing, not only does it remove caked on make up with not much effort, it also leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean. It is an all in one product really as you don’t even need to tone after 😉

The cleansing milk is another great product.. Its cleanses your skin so well and can be used as a face wash or make up remover.

Both products are really gentle to your skin but leave your face super clean. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin sine using these as I think the last face products I was trying may have been too harsh as I often use a lot of acne products that can dry out your skin.

Sarah x


I am always changing my hair colour and style. I recently cut half my hair off, literally. It was below boob length and it is now a long bob(with lots of layers!). This was because it was so damaged from all the bleach and dye and it was starting to shed a lot more than usual!

I do regret cutting it as shot as I have done but with the help of hair growth products I am hoping it will grow quickly!

I have been trying this hair growth product and wanted to share my results.

hair growth

Before (30/07/16)

As you can see I have a lot of random layers and quite short on top!

hair growth

After (03/09/2016)

hair growth

I think this product has helped my hair as even though I have changed my hair colour I haven’t touched my roots so I can see how much it has grown!

My hair feels in better condition and I don’t get so much shed when I was it or brush it.

I think hair growth products are fab, as I was started to worry with the amount my hair was shedding. I don’t really want to have to stop dying or bleaching my hair as I love expressing myself with crazy shades. I am going to try and grow my hair over the next few months 🙂

Sarah x