Sunday, 21 August 2016

Training a kitten

When getting a kitten is SO important to make sure you train it well from a young age so it gets into a routine of where to go to toilet, where its food is, if it is allowed in certain rooms etc. 

Litter training especially can be hard as you don't want poop all over the house!

Whiskas have released a series of videos called "Kitten Kollege" which are designed to give you a bit more help! They are so funny to watch and the kittens are so cute!

I love this series and have been watching all of the episodes to help me with my kitten and I have learnt a few new tips!


It is so important you play with your new kitten as at this age they need to be interacted with you and any other pets you may have! My kitten loves my two guinea pigs, as he has grown up with them and I introduced them after a few days of him living with us he sees them as brothers and not food :)

Gizmo has been settling in well, we have had him for two months now and he loves nothing more than falling asleep in the evening on the sofa! How is this even comfortable?!