Urban Decay have recently released the Vice lipstick range featuring 100 shades, yes ONE HUNDRED. Imagine owning all of those! They come in 6 different finishes.

I have managed to get my hands on 5 of the most popular shades to show you.

Urban decay vice lipsticks

From left to right:

714, Pandemonium, Big bang, Firebird, Backtalk

Urban decay vice lipsticks

Urban decay vice lipsticks


This shade is in Mega matte

It is a very bright red with a matte finish and it really stands out. In my opinion every girl needs at least one red lipstick and I think red suits everyone!

Urban decay vice lipsticks


This shade is in Mega matte

This is another matte one from the range, it is a very bright purple and I love it, I used to have my hair this colour! Purple is a colour not everyone would wear but it certainly will attract attention 😉 Not to sure if it clashes with my blue hair?!

Urban decay vice lipsticks

Big bang

This shade is in Metallized

This shad is just WOW, I love it. It is pink and glittery metallic and when I wear it I feel like Barbie! It is such a girly glitzy shade and I love this finish, I am definitely going to look at more of the metallized range!

Urban decay vice lipsticks


This shade is in Cream

This is a lovely deep pink shade and it appears very creamy. I really like the colour of this and would like to maybe try one a bit deeper too!

Urban decay vice lipsticks


This shade is in Comfort matte

It is a great pinky nude colour. Everyone needs a good nude lipstick. I find with nude ones I tend to sway more towards to pink nudes rather than the brown nudes so this one is spot on!

I have always been a big fan of Urban Decay and all of the lipsticks in this range and great to apply and don’t dry out your lips at all. They are long lasting and well worth the money 🙂

Sarah x


I have recently been using a few products from a brand called Forza, these can be used to help loose weight or in my case, to help maintain the weight I am happy at!


The stir it slim is a meal replacement drink, I have been trying the hot chocolate flavour. It is not always easy to cut out a meal so you really need something filling to replace it. I felt quite full after one of these, they are similar to the way a slimfast milkshake works but they are made as a hot drink.

The hydrotrim is a capsule you are meant to take before a meal, it helps to fill you up so in theory you then don’t eat as much. I was a bit sceptical about how this works but I gave it go. It did in fact work. I felt full easily but at the same time I am not sure if it was also slightly physiological! I used these for a month (you are meant to take them before every meal but I only took them before one meal as I wanted to maintain my weight, not loose it) and I actually lost a few pounds!

The multivitamins should be taken daily to help give your body everything it needs. I literally have a cupboard full of tablets I usually take (zinc for my skin, biotin for my hair, magnesium for my migraines etc) So I ditched all of those for a a few weeks and gave these a go. I noticed my skin and hair had improved, I was getting less blemishes and my hair looked a lot healthier. I am not sure if they affected the frequency of my migraines.

All in all, this range is great if you either want to maintain your weight or loose it. You can decide yourself how often you use the products depending on what you want to achieve!

Sarah x


Nuskin is a brand I have tried before but there are so many other products they make and I wanted to try some more.


I have been using the above marine mud mask once a week for the last few weeks and it has made a big difference to my skin. I love doing face masks weekly and with this one you can really notice a difference. It draws out all the impurities and I noticed my blackheads on my nose weren’t so visible after using this. Going to try is on my shoulders next time as I suffer with spots on them, I wonder if this will help?!


I also tried a few make up products. The curling mascara in black, contouring lip gloss and replenishing lipstick in cha cha red. I find their make up range is very high quality and I very impressive.

The mascara was easy to apply and made my lashes look long and thick without clumping. Sometimes I curl my lashes but this time I didn’t and the mascara created a natural looking curl.

The lip gloss is a clear gloss and it left my lips looking very plump. It wasn’t sticky and I found it looked really shiny in the light 🙂

The lipstick is a nice brick red colour, it applied easily and left my lips feeling moisturised. It was quite long lasting and I really like this colour!

Sarah x


I am a big jewellery fan. I always wear the same rings (wedding
band/engagement ring) and tend to stick to the same watch but I have a big
necklace collection! One of my new additions is this beautiful piece from Natural Amber.

Front view:

coin necklace

Back view:

coin necklace

I always think that if you are wearing a necklace it is one of the
things someone will always notice when talking to you as its in their line of
vision. I had seen a lot of celebrities wearing “coin” jewellery and
I think it looks great.

I really like the idea of it being a sixpence as opposed to a
pound coin or another coin as a sixpence is meant to be lucky. One of my
sisters actually gave me a sixpence on my wedding day as it is supposed to
bring good luck 🙂

If you look closely at my necklace, one coin is from 1965 and the
other from 1963, yet they both look brand new. The coins have been cleaned and
polished to a high standard and then attached to the chain. You cant really see
where the loop is attached to the necklace or how the coins are stuck together
which makes it look even better 🙂

The silver chain is a perfect length as I don’t like necklaces too
long but it mentioned online the length so I knew what to expect. I am usually
a bit weary about buying expensive items online as you never know how they will
turn out but this definitely lives up to standards, in fact it looks better in
real life than in pictures. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts and
feelings with you 🙂

coin necklace

This necklace would make an ideal present for a loved one, or even
as a treat to yourself (you deserve to splash out now and again, that’s what I
tell myself anyway!). The necklace is £94.99 which at first I thought was quite
expensive, but the chain is silver and once you see the quality of the necklace
you realise it is definitely worth it! I have seen similar ones online for
£200+ so this is a really good price.

I don’t often review things like this, just mostly make up and
stuff but when I come across something like this then I really just want to
show it off and let you all know how lovely I think it is 🙂

Sarah x


I have been so impressed by this conditioner from Simply argan. It smells so good and it leaves my hair feeling so soft.

Simply argan

Argan oil is a big thing in the hair world, everyone swears by it and I have to agree, it definitely makes a difference to my hair. I probably shouldn’t bleach and dye my hair every few weeks as I know how damaging it can be but knowing there are products like this that can help means I can 🙂

Sarah x