Do you ever struggle with buying little gifts for people, when you don’t really know what to get but you want it to be special? I have come across this beautiful soap brand and their products are packaged so cute they would make perfect gifts!


You can see their whole range on their website: I have been using the English lavender luxury guest soap and the Summer rose luxury shea butter soap.


The guest soap is three small hearts and they smell so good! Lavender is my favourite scent, they are so nice I just wanted to keep them out for best and not let anyone use them!


The larger soap is really quite bug and I bet it was last for ages! It left my hands feeling soft and a faint scent on them, not too overpowering! I usually use liquid hand wash so this was a pleasant change.

I really think their products would make excellent gifts!

Sarah x


I love dry shampoo, I am not going to lie… I use it probably for half of the week? It’s not that I can’t be bothered to wash my hair everyday, it’s the fact I dye it stupid crazy colours that fade with every wash so I want to wash it as little as possible!

dry shampoo

Quite often dry shampoo can be so powdery and white it just looks stupid and you either ending up washing your hair anyway or trying to brush it out so much your hair gets greasier than it was before!

This dry shampoo from tints of nature is literally one of my favourite hair products right now. It is easy to use(even if the spout looks a little weird to use at first!) and this tiny bottle can be used 100 times!

I quite like organic hair products as I feel that are a lot safer to use and kinder to your scalp. This dry shampoo is easy to carry around and use on the go and it leaves your hair looking and feeling cleaner without that awful powder look!

Sarah x


This box is a great idea for any cat lovers out there! You can buy it online from You can buy it as a one off or as a monthly subscription. This is the May box, it has taken me while to write this as the box was filled with such amazing things!

my purrfect gift box

I came packaged nicely in purple (my favourite colour!) and when I opened it I was impressed by how many goodies were inside.

my purrfect gift box

Included was a scarf, purse, necklace, chocolate, some buttons. For the cat there was some treats, a collar and a fleece blanket.

Here is some more pictures of what as included, and as you can see Gizmo my kitten was very interested to see what I had!

The scarf is the perfect (or should I say purrfect?!) colour as it will go with anything.

The purse is a very good size and will fit all of my cards, it is a lovely shade of pink 😉

I love that chocolate is included!

There also some cute little buttons but I haven’t decided what to use them for yet!

There was also this beautiful pressed flower cat necklace!

Don”t forget a treat for gizmo!

After eating these it was time to play!

The new blanket is so soft 🙂

Sarah x


Yet again, I have bleached my hair and it is in a terrible condition. I have also cut half of it off but the ends are still dry. It is hard to find hair products that will help to repair the damage but at the same time wont fade my hair colour (it is currently dark blue fading to grey).

Healthy sexy hair

Sexy hair have bought out a range called healthy sexy hair which contain lot of great oils and are sulfate free. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks now (they are colour safe, which is great!)

I can safely say, my hair has drastically improved, it is more manageable and not so tangled after I was it, it is a lot easier to brush and seems a lot softer.

Going to stick to this one and will probably need to get some more when it runs out!

Sarah x


Dr Paw Paw is the most amazing multi use balm you can get, seriously. I have previously reviewed the red one which I used as a lip balm but the original can be used for so much more.

Dr paw paw

I have been using this as a lip balm, to tame flyaway hairs, I have used it on my dry elbows and even on my hand when I burnt it. For £6.95 you can’t go wrong. This is definitely a handbag essential!

The best thing about it is a small amount goes a long way 🙂

Sarah x