This is a brand that you see all over the internet, on peoples blogs, youtube, twitter etc. I thought it was about time to see if it lived up to the hype!


I tried shade Eurydice which is a bright pink. For colours like this I always put foundation over my lips firs as I feel the lipstick is then more true to shade.

It went on very easily and the colour is great. The formula felt moisturising and didn’t dry out my lips. I would definitely use this brand again 🙂 

Sarah x


I recently received a box of cakes from and I was so amazed by the quality of the designs on them! 

The cakes had pictures of myself on as well as my blog logo and they looked amazing! 

These would make a great gift for anyone and for any occasion. They really do look too good to eat.

The cakes themselves were really yummy. They were a plain sponge cake and tasted really good. The picture is printed onto the icing on a round piece which is then placed on top of the iced cake.

You can buy them online for £13 for 6 cakes which isn’t bad at all! You can also buy a large cake or personalised chocolates (yummmm).

If you are stuck for something for an upcoming birthday then why don’t you buy some of these 🙂

Sarah x


I have a desk at home where I store most of my make up in acrylic boxes from Muji (like 90% of bloggers seem to! Haha) but I never know what to put in what section, should I keep all face products together and all lip things together?

Should I keep eye liners separate from lip liners?

I would love to see how you keep your make up! Tweet me with ideas or pictures (@sarahtrademark)

Here is a few pics of mine:

Sarah x


Recently I have been trying lots of different haircare products as my hair is so damaged I’m trying to improve the condition!

I have been using this argan oil range from as it was only about £13 for all three products! You can find out more about it here.

I love using argan oil for my hair as it really help the condition, so using both a shampoo and conditioner that included it as well as an oil has made my hair super soft!

Do you have a favourite ingredient for hair products?

Using an oil has helped with my damaged hair as it got to the point I was going to stop dying it due to the poor condition but using something like this means I can carry on 🙂

The size of the products is great value for money and they really do work!

Sarah x


Finally got my hands on some new Molton Brown goodies from John Lewis 🙂

They have always been one of my favourite brands, one I use as a treat as it would be too expensive to use in the bath everyday!


The first set is a colourful selection of body washes which can be used as bubble bath too, you only need a tiny bit 🙂 this is a great way to try all of the different scents.


The second set is a travel essential set which I haven’t actually opened yet but all of the products have the same scent so go together! I am excited to start using some if the set.

Sarah x