I have been trying really hard to grow my hair after cutting it quite short due to damaged ends. A lot of products claim to help your hair grow and I have tried a few in the past, including products to put on your hair and tablets but this seems to be the best so far!

hair jazz

I have been trying the above three and have used the tshirt to show my progress.


hair growth

After (27/12/16)

hair growth

The pictures are taken 6 weeks apart and I am really impressed with the progress. I use the products every other wash and still have over half of them left, so it could easily last three months before you need to repurchase.

I have also noticed my hair is a lot softer and more manageable, the ends seems to look a lot healthier too.

Before using the range I struggled to brush my hair as it was so tangled, I just had to leave it to dry but now I can brush it and it looks really healthy 🙂 

You can view all of the products here and if you are looking for healthier longer hair I would really recommend this brand.

Sarah x


I have really been into subscription boxes lately, and this us another great one for your furry friends! You can get one called the Pawsomebox for a dog or the Purrfectbox for a cat.

They can be bought as a one off or on a monthly subscription for 6 months or 12 months.

The most recent box included lots of great things and as you can see, Gizmo couldn’t wait to get his nose stuck in:

animal box

I think this is great value as you get so many things to spoil your pet!

Sarah x


You may have seen me mention these in my recent gift guide but I wanted to tell you a little more about them!

Gloria Kennedy candles

Gloria Kennedy candle gift set


This great candle trio contains:

Lunar; aromatic spices of red thyme, cinnamon and nutmeg are fortified in creamy coconut crème utilising hints of soft cyclamen and jasmine blossoms which are finally marinated in an oriental wooded base.

Twilight; a botanical delight with leafy green foliage fortified with fresh lavender tussles. 

Amorous; a delicate floral scent married with Oriental woods and succulent sweet amber notes and serenaded in heady jasmine.

Gloria Kennedy candles

These candles are specially made so that the scent is evenly distributed and they smell gorgeous right down to the very bottom. They seem to last for hours and really are luxurious and would be great for any candle fan!

My favourite one is the Amorous scent, the candles seem to last for ages! I have burnt each one to test the scent but this one I have been using more often and I have used nearly down to the bottom of it, and I have been burning it for hours!

I do find that with cheaper candles they smell nice the first few burns but then the scent dies out and as you get closer down you can’t really smell them but with these they smell beautiful all the way through. This is a great gift for yourself or anyone else that appreciates candles.

The range is handmade and only made using natural products and aromatherapy oils, they also have a great range of soaps 🙂 

Sarah x


Love honour and be true are a wedding make up brand with a beautiful lipstick range. My friend is getting married next year so I am giving these a a go as she wanted some make up advice from me.

I chose not to do my own wedding make up but I know a lot of people would prefer to but there are so many options out there and you want make up that will stay put all day and that will suit you.

This brand have come up with 5 shades that are really popular and will suit most people.

Love honour and be true

At £12 each I want them all! I have tried blushing bride(top) and kiss the bride(bottom), and to be honest, you can wear these for any occasion but I think either would be great for a wedding.

Love honour and be true

The lipsticks are long lasting and don’t dry out, I am really impressed with the formula 🙂

Sarah x


When you’re going about your daily routine, it’s easy to forget how vital a mirror can be. Whether it’s getting ready in the morning or brushing your teeth before bed, we all spend time looking in the mirror at some point in the day. As they get used so much, it’s important that you pick a mirror that suits you. It can seem like there is endless choice these days and sometimes it’s hard to strike the balance between functionality and style. If you’re looking for a new mirror to add to your bathroom, let’s break down some of the most popular kinds to help you figure out which is right for you. 

Full length

A full length mirror is handy to have in any part of the house but, if you’re lucky you might have space for one in the bathroom. This will allow you to have some privacy when having a look at your outfit or if you’re trying to shave your legs in the shower and can’t see the most hard to reach places. A full length mirror can save space if it is fixed onto the wall but, before you go shopping for one, measure up the space you have and see if you can easily fit one in. There is plenty of choice out there at the moment from cheap and cheerful to gorgeous antique designs that will add some style to your bathroom. You can even get ones that pull out to reveal some extra storage and some that have added technology to sync your with iPod or phone!

Mirrored Cabinet

If you don’t have the space for a full length mirror, or have different requirements, a mirrored cabinet is a great addition to any bathroom. You can store away your toiletries and medications if you need to take anything before bed. This will also be out of reach from children. Mirrored cabinets are usually quite reasonably priced and last a long time. Instead of taking up room, like a full length, this will maximise the space you have in your bathroom. One thing to check, if you have a small bathroom, is that you have enough room once the doors are open. Alternatively, you can get mirrored cabinets that have sliding doors, if you don’t have much room. 



illuminated Mirror

This final option perfectly marries up fashion and function for a glamorous (and very useful) bathroom mirror. The illuminated mirror comes in many different styles from the glamorous Hollywood types fresh from a celebrity dressing room to futuristic infinity mirrors like the ones from Pebble Grey. In the winter months especially, bathrooms often suffer with a lack of lighting. A lit mirror will solve that problem and allow you to perfectly apply your makeup in the morning. If you are looking to add one of these to your bathroom, it’s important to make sure you have a power supply as these will need electricity to run.

Sarah x