I LOVE having my nails painted. I feel naked without polish on! Recently I have tried several gel manicure sets trying the find the quickest and easiest to use. I hate spending hours doing my nails especially as I get bored of one colour and end up changing them once a week.

I have been using this set from GELLED that you can buy from www.highstreettv.com. The set itself comes with the lamp and 2 colours(red and nude), as well as a buffer, orange stick and foil wraps.

The lamp can be plugged into your laptop/pc or any usb charger which is great and its only £39.95. you don’t need to mess about with top coats or base coats or anything just use 2 coats of colour (that take about 60secs each coat under the lamp) and you are done!

Sarah x

I have been trying a new Dermaloigca product I came across from www.johnandginger.co.uk. It is the age smart overnight retinol repair. At first I was a bit sceptical as I have sensitive skin and I know often products like this can be a bit harsh bit honestly, if you read the instructions and follow the steps properly then it will work its wonders!

The set includes the buffer cream to mix it with so it isn’t so strong (also means the cream lasts longer!). I am actually thinking about getting some more for my mum to try. I do have a few fine lines and wrinkles as well as uneven tone but something like this would be suited for older skin.

It made a difference in that my skin looked softer and plumper but I did experience slight redness the first time I applied it, this soon went and the results were worth it. It is a bit pricey but is currently on offer at John and Ginger so with Christmas coming up it would make an ideal treat for yourself or someone you know 🙂

Sarah x

For my Halloween look I used a range of Rimmel products that you can purchase here. I wanted to create a subtle but vampy look so opted for a black eyeshadow(darkest I would usually use is grey). I also chose a dark lip.

I wanted a simple and easy look so just used the one shade of eyeshadow and blended it out slightly with my finger. I also put a small amount under my bottom lashes. I really like this lipstick as it is a very bloody colour so great to use for Halloween!

Products used:

The only 1 lipstick 820 oh so wicked

Exaggerate eye definer 263 starlit black

Exaggerate eyeliner 003 glossy black

Wake me up mascara black

Glam eyes mono eye shadow 214 black

Sarah x

Sandy was doing a little research one day and came across the website www.barksandbunnies.co.uk and found out about the guinea pig boxes.

It didn’t take long for it to arrive in the post…

The box was full of treats for Sandy and Thierry, including lots of nibbles and a tunnel for them to play with..

They loved their new toy and the new additions to their food bowl

I had two very happy piggies!

The box is a fab idea for any pet as a treat

Sarah x


Everyone wants sexy hair 😉

I have been using the big sexy hair spritz & stay. It is a intense hold, fast drying hair spray. I have never used a spray hair spray like this before, only ever used an aerosol one before so was intrigued.

This hair spray leaves your hair shiny and is great to hold your hair in place. On the days I don’t wash my hair I like to have it tied up out the way but often have flyaways or my fringe annoying me. This has helped to hold it all back without it being stiff.

Going to try the renewal oil next 🙂

Sarah x