I started taking Dermaglo leading up to my wedding last month to try and improve my skin.

The drinks themselves didn’t taste the best but the results were great. Even after taking these for 3 days my skin was looking clearer and far more hydrated. I took them for approx 12 days in a row before my big day and they made a massive difference. 

I found them easier to drink once refrigerated. It is hard to describe the flavour, it was almost fruity but with a bit of an after-taste. It may just be that I am very fussy with food and drink anyway!

I wouldn’t drink these everyday due to the cost but for a big event it is worth taking these for a week before! More info can be found here: www.dermaglo.com/shop


I always get excited when trying new brands. Bodhi & birch are a great brand that don’t test on animals. Their products are free from parabens and sulphates and they smell so good!

The Neroli Luce revitalising facial oil has made a massive change to my skincare routine. I was always under the impression if I had oily skin I wouldn’t need to use a facial oil, but I was so wrong! Facial oils actually help to regulate your skin and by using it I find my face gets less oily naturally throughout the day.

I have also been using the Mint the bath and shower therapy. This left me feeling super clean and smelt amazing in the bath! It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Sarah x 

Anyone with thick hair will know the struggle of brushing it! I have recently been trying this new brush from Nanokeratin.

The brush leaves my hair feeling soft and a lot more manageable, The brush is able to move whilst in use and I feel this feature is very unique as I have never come across this before. It doesn’t feel like it is tugging at your hair as most other brushes do. I would recommend this to anyone that struggles with brushing their hair!

Sarah x

Most girls love being pampered and having their nails done but it is just so expensive to go to the salon. A lot of us are trying to create the salon look at home. I am always looking for new gel shades as I have had my lamp about 2 years now, I find it so easy to create gel nails at home

I came across the brand Sensationail and tried a few of their shades. I can never seem to make my mind up what colour I want and over the last six months all I worried about was what colour to wear on my wedding day!

The gel polishes were easy to use and gave great coverage. Sometimes I find glitter polishes very hard to apply as they are mostly clear gel with hardly any glitter but this one was great.

Would definitely recommend this brand as they last well and looked great.

Sarah x

I am yet to find my “perfect” fragrance so I am working my way through some samples I got from Fragrance Expert

My mother in law is a massive fan of the original Ghost fragrance so I decided to try some more of their range. Here are my thoughts below.

1. Ghost – The Fragrance – This is the original Ghost fragrance, it is very subtle and not too overpowering. You can really smell the rose and vanilla. It would be a great fragrance to wear of an evening.

2. Calvin Klein – Eternity Night – This has a very floral scent to it but is very soft and would be a perfect summer fragrance. 

3. Moschino – Stars – I am a massive fan of the Moschino bag and clothing line so was excited to try one of their scents. It is quite strong and smells almost orangey. This would be perfect for a night out. 

4. Giorgio Armani – Si – This was very light and fruity, another great one that reminds me of summer.

5. Ghost – Enchanted Bloom – This was quite a strong fruity scent. it was hard to describe. I prefer the original Ghost to this but if you are looking for something stronger then try this one!

6. Ghost – Moonlight – This is a very sensual fragrance which would be great to wear of an evening or on a date. It is quite deep and musky.

7. Ghost – Eclipse – This is a nice fresh and fruity fragrance. You can smell a hint of lemon but at the same time it is slightly floral. 

Let me know your favourite or if you have tried any of these?

Sarah x