Trying to make sure my hands look perfect for my wedding day I have turned to the Crabtree & Evelyn pomegranate ultra moisturising hand therapy to try and sort them out!

This hand cream now goes everywhere with me, as I know on the big day there will be lots of people wanting to look at my ring (and I will wan pictures too!) so I need to make sure my hands aren’t dry.

As the box says, it is ULTRA moisturising and I definitely agree with this. It is great as it contains lots of things great for your skin: shea butter, argan oil and many other great ingredients.

The size is perfect to carry around in your bag or leave next to your bed and the cream isn’t greasy at all. It smells lovely, it is hard to describe as it has a hint of citrus, so go and try it yourself!

Sarah x

I LOVE shopping at the airport, so on a recent trip I had a good look around the World Duty Feee shop. Every holiday I find myself in there buying a Chanel lipstick. The prices are great because it’s all duty free and they have so many different make up brands it’s hard to decide what to buy.

Nick had to drag me away from the huge selection of sunglasses as I really don’t need another pair and we are trying to save money but honestly I could have easily bought two pairs!

As well as treating myself to a lipstick I bought my dad an aftershave set. I just love the sets where you get a nice selection of different scents. My dad recently wanted my help in choosing a new aftershave so I thought why not treat him to this set so he has a few to decide between.

Oh and of course I had to buy chocolate but that got eaten so no picture!

Looking forward to my next holiday (and shopping trip)

Sarah x

Very excited to open my first box of Taffy Mail. It is a subscription service that offers a crazy amount of different American treats. For some reason I love American sweets. I have been known to bring back half a suitcase full before when going to the USA on holiday!

The box was right, this definitely was my favourite piece of mail!

Once I opened the box I was so excited to see what was inside and I was so close to skipping dinner and just eating it all 🙂

There was a wide variety of treats inside and I worked my way through them over a couple of days.

Tootsie roll was kind of like fudge, but better!

The cow tales is described as “chewy caramel with a cream centre” but to me it just tastes like a caramel flavoured cake. It was amazing! It has the same concept of those liquorice things with the different centre but ten times better.

The twizzler was red liquorice, the kind you used to be able to buy long cables from the corner shop. I love strawberry, is my favourite. Not sure if this comes in different flavours?!

I then tried the jolly rancher sweets, my favourite was the lemon-lime flavour as it was very refreshing.

I don’t want to bore you with me telling you about each individual item, it makes more sense for you to get your own box 🙂

I think this box is a fab idea and if you use code TRADEMARK10 you can get 10% off for 3 months on WEBSITE

Sarah x

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know how offer I try new hair products!

I have literally just got out the bath as I am typing this, I haven’t used the oil yet but I just tried the mask and it has left my hair feeling amazing. I have just dried my hair and it feels so soft and smells yummy! It is a 2min intensive treatment, I think I left it on 5-10 minutes after I washed my shampoo out. To be honest, I didn’t condition my hair after the mask (I know some people do) but when I use a mask I never do.

I actually had to edit this post to let you know that the next time I washed my hair, I didn’t use this, I just washed as normal and it still felt great after. Think I am going to use it once a week 🙂

Sarah x

I don’t usually open up about personal issues to people online but I want to share this with you in the hope it may help someone else. I have suffered with minor acne on my back and shoulders for as long as I can remember. I have to be careful about what I use in the bath and on my skin as I am always worried about making it worse.

I am getting married in July and for some crazy reason I chose a strapless dress (meaning certain spotty areas will be exposed) so I am on a mission to clear up my back in time so I don’t have to wear make up on it! 

I have been taking antibiotics for a few years to try and help my skin and have been prescribed many creams but nothing ever clears it all up. As you can see below my skin isn’t too bad but there are certainly congested area that need help! I dread to think how bad it would be if I stopped taking my tablets and stopped using medicated creams and washes.

I first saw the Lustre Pro online and initially was put off by the price (£269) but after thinking about how much I actually spend on creams and washes and things to try and help my skin and the fact I’m getting married it really isn’t that much money if it works!

It states that your skin will improve within 8-12 weeks so I put it to the test. Initially I thought it would be hard to reach the area as it is designed for use on your face but I got on fine.

It is weird to use at first as it lights up and looks kind of strange but you soon get used to it. It has a slightly warm sensation but I honestly just turned it on and carried on with whatever I was doing that evening. It was easy to use whilst at home and I soon got in the habit of using in daily. The clip on the control panel made it easy to attach to my clothes as I would often wear it under my pyjamas.

As I said above, it is very easy to use. You simply select a time (I chose 20min daily) you then attach the sticky stops to pass and then stick them on your skin, turn the hand monitor on and away you go! 

It’s taken a lot of courage to post this for me but I am so happy I have discovered this. Even though it is designed to use on your face I got on fine with it and want to share my results.

As you can see below I still have spots on my lower back, this is because I concentrated using the Lustre on my shoulders more, to try and target those areas. The pictures really don’t show what a difference this has made as to me, pictures can never replicate exactly how things look in real life. They were taken approx 12 weeks apart but you can clearly see the difference.

The following pictures show the progress in the last two weeks:

I am so happy though and will continue to use this product and would recommend it to anyone, it has helped my confidence more than anything and I just really can’t put into words what a difference it has made to my life.

Sarah x