I have recently been changing my hair colour a lot, resulting in dry damaged ends. I have had my hair trimmed but I really don’t want to lose any length as I am trying to grow it so I have been trying lots of different products. I have been trying these two products from www.khairpep.com and wanted to quickly share my thoughts with you.

The product on the left is a leave in mask, after using this a few times I could really feel a difference. My hair wasn’t so knotty when brushing and it felt in a lot better condition where it is usually very tangled at the ends due to split ends. I have been using it twice a week now and I use it instead on conditioner and leave it in to work its magic! 

The product on the right is a serum, this can also be applied after shampooing and used instead of a conditioner. I haven’t used both products together, I have be using one or the other. They both work in a very similar way as they both help to improve your hair but it is all down to preference of you prefer a conditioner texture or a serum. 

Both products are great and I would recommend them to anyone with damaged hair! 

Sarah x

So I came across www.flo-accessories.com which sells travel beauty accessories and I have a few of their products I want to share with you:

First off is a perfume necklace. What is a perfume necklace? you may ask. Well, this handy invention allows you to spray these little foam pads with your favourite perfume and then place one inside the necklace so when you wear it you can smell fab without worrying about your perfume wearing off. Pretty good idea if you ask me!

My next product I have is the light up compact mirror. Every girl needs to carry around a mirror to re apply make up on the go but the amazing thing about this one is that it lights up. How many times have you been out and tried to re apply lipstick in your pocket mirror and realised its too dark you cant actually see what you are doing? Exactly. This now comes everywhere with me 🙂

Another perfume related product is the travel size atomiser. It is perfect to fill with your favourite perfume to pop into your bag or take away if you are travelling. No one wants to carry around a massive perfume bottle!

I think Flo have some really great products so check out their website!

Sarah x

I love trying new products and seeing this advertised online definitely caught my eye. Included in the box below is some fab hair treatments along with a heated towel. I hadn’t even heard of a heated towel before so was very excited to try this.

The below can all be purchased from www.rootsandrituals.co.uk and they have some great information about their products online.

The hair products I was sent to try along with the towel were a conditioner and a hair oil, both are great for dry or damaged hair!

The idea behind the range is that you can pamper yourself at home whilst feeling like you are at a spa. When I first opened the oil I honestly thought how amazing and relaxing it smelt. The hair oil includes over 9 different essential oils from argan, coconut and olive oil. 

Both the conditioner and the oil have left my hair feeling so smooth and I love the smell of both products.

The towel came with very easy to read and understand instructions and was a great product to use. It was so relaxing and felt great to just sit there with it on I nearly fell asleep 🙂

Sorry I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of me wearing it! 

Sarah x

My mum always tells me that you are never too young to start looking after your skin. The thought of getting old and wrinkly terrifies me! I am always on the look it for age defying products even though I am only 25 (and I look about 12) I want to stay looking young!

I have been using an they cream by www.english-rose-cosmetics.com as I ran out of my usual one and saw that this company is based near my old house. After checking out their website I was excited to try their eye cream.

The eye cream left my eyes feeling refreshed. I have been using it every night and I have noticed an improvement with the skin around my eyes, I used to get red patches in the outer corners but these are a lot less noticeable now and I look far more awake every morning!

I have also been trying a new product that will be released soon which is the mermaids cleansing water. I have been using this to take off my make up and it has been a great addition to my make up routine. I expected it to be oily as most liquid make up removers are but it honestly is as gentle as water. It is fast and effective to take off my make up and doesn’t leave any residue.

Sarah x

Wanted to take a moment to share with you this cool new website I stumbled across. It’s called www.nail-buff.com and it offers you the chance to keep track of all your nail polishes online. I think this is a great idea as I always forget what I have and end up buying similar colours or once I even bought a polish I already had!

Here are a few screen shots from the website:

They have lots of great brands such as Essie, Model’s own, OPI, China glaze etc to choose from when creating your collection. It is so easy to start building up your collection:

I think it might take a while for me to add of all mine so I better crack on!

Sarah x